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Old Tin Water Cracker Box Trio of Gingerbread Family Gathering


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After I finished making a set of gingerbreads for my next offering a mysterious thing happened! When I entered my studio the next day all of them seemed to secretly find their way inside an old cracker box overnight that was laying on a table filled with greens and pinecones. This trio seemed to set the stage as far as where they felt comfortable residing and it is no wonder why they picked this cracker tin (or biscuit tin) that was affiliated with a company that provided baked goods for sale.

This gingerbread family was not fashioned from flour but instead was created using felt and cotton. They have a personality all their own and each one lends similar characteristics of the dough variety but in this case sprinkled with folksy charm.

The advertising tin is marked “Bent’s Hand Made Water Crackers, Bent & Co., Milton, MA”. The history regarding this company is as follows:

Josiah Bent in the year of 1801 began selling water crackers that were actually biscuits made of flour and water that would not deteriorate during long sea voyages. They were located in Milton, Massachusetts. During the Civil War era this company also sold hardtack crackers that fed the soldiers when other provisions were hard to come by. The two and a half storey wood-frame factory was built by the grandson, George H. Bent and the top two levels were designated for baking purposes. The baked goods and cookies were then sold on the lower storefront level.

I have not come across this precise tin and feel it is a rare survivor. The overall graphics exhibited on this tin are still strong and interesting. However the middle of the top (lid) surface reveals an empty aged tin area where no graphics are present as shown in image 19. The lid opens freely and there are no dents or holes to be found. The inside shows minor age rust on the edges and the bottom area was also effected with surface rust as shown in images 21 & 22.

The graphics are pleasing and boast a warm mustard hue that compliments the nutmeg brown fancy lettering. The lid would not cooperative to stand in a full upright position so Harry created a little stand to act as a support that can be placed in the back as referenced in images 23 & 24. You will receive the greens, pine cones and gingerbread, basically everything you need to display this piece immediately! The gingerbread family look forward to making your acquaintance and are thrilled they will not be eaten, can last indefinitely and will be brought out once again during a festive, happy and joyous time of the year!! Enjoy!

The tin water cracker box stands 7” tall with the lid in the upright position, measures 2 ½” in the closed position, measures 7 ¾” across the front (right to left) and measures 4 ¾” deep. The support stand is 6 ½” tall, measures 3 ¾” across (right to left) and measures almost 1 ¾” front to back. Largest gingerbread stands 6 ¾” tall and 3 ¾” across @ the widest point (lower arms). Medium gingerbread stands almost 5 ½” tall and measures 3 ¾” across @ the widest point (lower arms). Smallest gingerbread stands 4 ¾” tall and measures 3 ½” across @ the widest point (lower arms).

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