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Old Witches Diary of Salem Book


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The moon is full and my creative energy is at it's best! I enjoy working with things from the past and this book is no exception. This "Salem Town" Reader, circa 1848, was my blank canvas and the cover is so primitive looking boasting nice wear. I placed an image of a silhouette witch on a handwritten background, and hand stitched this on 1880's fabric. A little starfish has presence on the upper corner.

The necklace with a blackened raised leaf design pendant holds an image of the full moon captured by the dark clouds. The amber color beads are incised with black stars to tie in the celestial theme. Picture Jasper is also present at the end of the necklace and holds mystic properties that protect one from evil. Jasper is also a mystical birthstone of October and in the fourth century was thought to bring about rain. The black horn roundels and small wood beads are used as accents.

This is ~one of a kind~ and measures 7 1/4" Tall by 4 5/8" across and 3/4 of an inch thick. Perfect for your Halloween decorating and would look great displayed among-st your other old books. Just set by your favorite candlestick with some old jars in the background which S~P~E~L~L~S Halloween magic all the way! Enjoy!

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