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Out of Balance Scale Yelloware Bowls Gathering ~Reflects the Times~


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This “out of balance scale” seems to be an appropriate listing at the moment with everything going on in the world today! What a great size as it is not too large and can fit perfectly just about anywhere of your choosing. Two contemporary yelloware bowls were added that lend springtime fun to the overall look and the contents is included!

The broad term “balance scale” is also referred to as the “equal arm beam” and was used as a way of measuring either medicine (apothecary scale) or to measure the weight of gemstones, diamonds or precious metals (jeweler’s scale). This is a hanging scale that affords the convenience of being portable and is also lightweight. Originally, two pans were suspended on opposite ends of the balance beam but got separated long gone. Metal weights would have been placed in one of the pans while the other filled pan awaited a measurement that would be determined by the opposite side. When both pans were level (in a horizontal position), this provided the necessary measurement of the included contents.

Old chain was used and attached to the existing serpentine hooks located on the right and left hand side of the iron beam. A piece of wire was fed through two holes located on the side of the bowls and easily hooks over the last link of the chain to suspend them. These bowls are not the same size therefore the largest hangs lower (right) than the smaller bowl positioned on the left. Of course in its defense, this is totally appropriate and is in sync with the unsettled world situation at hand……everything being “out of balance” so to speak……. but if this bothers you just place a heavy weight in the small bowl to gain control of the situation because you can! Personally I like the current askew position of the bowls as primitive decorating is far from perfect, just how we like it!!

This old scale is in good overall condition and is smithy forged lending an uneven appearance in the metal that has darkened to perfection through the years. There are marks on the beam that are equated to numbers as shown in images 2, 3 & 4. Image 14 & 15 reflect a separate balance indicator that is sandwiched between the shaft and twisted together with copper wire. You can easily remove the wire but be aware the indicator will swing freely in an upward (vertical) position because of the fulcrum feature and you may not care for the look.

The two diminutive yelloware bowls (probably retired) are contemporary and made by, “Ragon House”. They have such a great look sporting creamy white bands and the largest bowl even has delicious crazing! Happily, there are no chips or cracks to report! The early peas and spring onions placed inside are included and act as colorful accents to the otherwise empty bowls.

You can hang this gathering in front of your kitchen window where it can be seen and will emphatically lend country charm without obstructing your view. You can also hang this special piece from the mantle of your fireplace to enjoy year round and the contents can be changed to accommodate each season. This one of a kind piece will certainly tempt you into making it your own! Enjoy!

Overall height is 17 ½” on the left and 15 ¾” on the right, Scale itself stands 10 ¼” tall and measures 12 ¼” across (right to left, end to end). Large bowl stands 3” tall including the wire bail, measures 3 ¾” across the top and 1 ¾” across the bottom. Small bowl stands 3 ½” tall, measures 2 ½” across the top and measures 1” across the bottom.

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