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Patriotic Posies with Dovetailed Box Americana Gathering


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Flowers are always a delight to have in our homes and not only lift our spirits with the beautiful color they provide but also make us happy as well. With this in mind I decided to create two floral arrangements in seedling starter pots that lend Americana flavor. They look terrific set in this dovetailed box sporting decorative hardware.

I painted the edges of the daisies with a Prussian blue color acting as a soft blue highlight and added a little flag in the front. The other daisies have a gold center that portrays a faint sparkle which adds interest. Calico blue fabric was used to wrap cut offs from dried flower stems and create a special effect. The pot was painted with a light “hit and miss” stroke of burnt umber while excelsior was stuffed inside to create a wispy look.

Realistic apples were added to the second pot because they carry over the old adage of “As American as Apple Pie” that certainly ties in with this theme. Yellow flowers were incorporated and portray a nice complimentary color while creating a bond with the crisp white daises. This pot can also be used for fall decorating too!

The dovetailed box acts as a holder for the posies and was chosen because of the low profile so the flower pots would get the attention they deserve. The exciting brass hardware holds our interest because of the open design element as shown in images 2 & 3. Pine was used for the construction that lends a warm patina. The somewhat dry surface does have scratches and wear throughout the box that is to be expected.

Each corner has been machine dovetailed and I would date this piece around 1930’s, give or take a decade. Traces of white paint are present on each side as well as on the inside appearing at random as shown. Image 4 reflects a portion of the paper label that still remains which give us a clue that this piece is considered “advertising”. A black mark is located underneath the label in the center. There is also an area on the inside near the corner where the wood has split as referenced in image 9. Overall condition of the box is good and can also be used to create beautiful winter displays as it can be filled with holiday items such as greens, berries, putz sheep and bottle brush trees. Small gourds can be placed inside along with maple leaves and acorns for autumn decorating too. Your imagination holds the key for wonderful decorating ideas you can implement to create a delightful presentation of your choosing!

Dovetailed box measures 11” long (right to left), stands 2 ¼” tall and is 6” deep. Potted Posies ~ Blue Daisy with Flag stands 9 ½” tall @ the tallest point, measures 3” across the top and 2 ¼” across the bottom. Potted Posies ~ Apples stands 9 ½” tall @ the tallest point, measures 3” across the top and 2 ¼” across the bottom.

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