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Pennsylvania Dust Pan with Folk Art Flavor Rare


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Have any of you ever seen a dust pan such as this one? I have not either until I met its acquaintance at auction and was thrilled to acquire it. This piece is so unique that I am not hesitating to call it a “rare find” sporting decorative accents that are very exciting!

The dust pan dates to the last quarter of the 19th century and is in very good condition! A classic raised pinwheel design located on the front is wonderful and so is the raised flower motif that boldly graces the top front edge. The pinwheel is encapsulated by a raised circle with further diagonal accents located on opposing sides that terminate in the middle location of the pan. Both of the floral and pinwheel design elements sport a different color that suggests a red hue lending importance to these focal points. Minor surface rust can be found sprinkled at random near the bottom left corner and also near the top underneath the triangle hanger. There are also a couple creases near the bottom edge located directly in the middle.

The conical tin base that gently graduates toward the top where it meets the wooden handle was soldered into place as shown in image 5. This handle sports a painted red appearance and was reinforced by way of a nail also referenced in image 5. A recessed band can be seen just below the top of the bulbous shaped handle.

The dark patina has aged to perfection lending inconsistencies of lighter silver highlights throughout that appear at random. I just bet you have a lone broom in your collection that beckons a mate…in this case a dust pan! This companion piece laid nearby an early broom would make a fantastic display in your home either near a fireplace or in the pantry. Add a homespun apron hung nearby and this staging will look as though these pieces stand at the ready for daily chores! If you don’t have an old broom, please contact me as I have several for sale that have not been listed yet. Enjoy!

Dust Pan measures 14” across, measures 15” deep and stands 2 ½” tall.

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