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Pennsylvania Rye Basket with Pie Crimper Bone Wheel


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This beautiful pie crimper dating from 1840 ~ 1860 having a lath turned wooden handle and a bone wheel is a very special piece of kitchenware. The wheel carved from whale bone was probably fashioned from a sailor’s hand out on his long journey at sea while the handle was finely turned by a craftsman on land. There is a tiny chip located on the lower portion of the wooden handle near the wheel as shown. Glorious warm patina is evident on the handle while the bone has mellowed to a pleasing tan beige hue.  Condition is very good without any cracks to report.

Pennsylvania rye straw basket is of the smaller variety and shows some breaks in the weavers from use. The color resembles a gentle nutmeg hue. These types of baskets were fashioned from rye because they resisted rot and repelled pesky rats.

The pie crimper is the perfect size for this particular basket and they look great paired together. You can add acorns, anise and other small items inside for autumn decorating while greens, berries and perhaps a small holiday cookie cutter can be added for the holidays. Enjoy!

Basket measures 6” across the top opening, measures 2 ½” tall and measures 3” across the bottom. Pie crimper measures 4 ¾” tall, pie wheel measures 1” across and the handle @ the widest point (below top turning) measures ½”.

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