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Pennsylvania Rye Basket with Stone Cherries


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This small rye basket is sought after because of the miniature size and looks great with stone cherries housed inside that are also included. The rough texture of the golden rye along with the smooth texture of the red cherries really complement one another in a big way.

These types of baskets dating from the late 19th century to the turn of the century were fashioned from rye because they resisted rot and repelled pesky rats. Women also used these baskets in the kitchen for bread dough rising even though this one is probably too small for this purpose. This basket is in very good condition with minimal loss. The weavers are accounted for and this piece is “tight and right”. There are some small areas located on the back that have what appears to be pale green paint that the basket came in contact with. Other than that this basket is in great condition.

Who doesn’t enjoy at least having some pieces of stone fruit in their home that grace bowls and baskets lending style and color? These old stone cherries represent a trio secured by green wire stems that are knotted at the top. By the way, cherries are considered one of the most prized pieces of stone fruit to collect along with walnuts, apple halves and persimmon just to name a few. A pink hue mixed in with the crimson red makes for an interesting color combination set forth in these special cherries. There are some areas of color loss denoting specs of white sprinkled throughout at random. Dark areas (veins from the marble used) intertwined with the red hue also lend interest by allowing each cherry to be unique.

You need not have a discussion with yourself regarding space constraints because this offering can be pleasantly tucked anywhere of your choosing as it does not take up much room! One idea is to place this basket inside a wooden bowl displayed with your other stone fruit for a unique look or you can also use this inside a cupboard shelf lined with other rye or woven baskets too. I am sure you will have fun deciding where to place this sweet basket that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Rye basket measures 5” across the top diameter, stands 2 ¼” tall, bottom measures 2 ¾” across right to left and 2 ¼” front to back. Stone cherries measures 3” tall and measure 2 ½” @ the widest point (sitting position).

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