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Pennsylvania Rye Easter Basket Vintage Chicks and Hearts


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Don’t forget your Easter basket come Easter Sunday and note this gathering can also be enjoyed after this special holiday as well! East meets West so to speak and in this case Antique meets Vintage. The contents that reside inside this basket as pictured are included and intended to add fun and interest to your homestead.

An old Pennsylvania rye basket was my inspiration for the surprises that are housed inside. This smaller sized basket is in good overall condition with just a few breaks in the banding located near the top as shown in image 5. The weave is tight and there are no major losses to report. The dark brown bands are a nice attribute that seem to highlight the golden straw hue.

One of the two vintage chenille Japan chicks is all dressed up for the holidays sporting flowers on her head. The eyes were missing on the other chick so I replaced them. He has a carboard mouth with two feathers on either side of his body. They both have wire feet that have been wrapped with paper. Overall condition is very good and these popular chicks certainly have personality plus!

I further embellished the basket using real eggs that I aged by way of a boiling pot rendering coffee. They are filled with prairie grass, plastic speckled eggs and acorns. Hearts were fashioned from a mohair scarf and then accented with embroidered stitches done in crimson red, mustard and creamy white. They were then blanket stitched to cover the raw edges and when placed inside the basket add warm texture.

A gentle spray of preserved flax is also included. This basket will make a nice presentation on your holiday table as it is extremely festive and gay. Other Easter accessories can be created and used around this piece that can be enjoyed by all. The basket is versatile and can also be filled with other enhancements of your choosing such as old bottles filled with fresh flowers or can be used in the privy by placing old lye soap and a small homespun towel inside. Sewing collectibles can also be incorporated when repairs to your husbands socks are needed as this basket is small enough to grab in a pinch! This is just a fun piece to decorate with that has multiple uses. Enjoy!

Basket measures 7 ½” across the top, stands 2 ¼” tall and measures 4 ¼” across the bottom. Larger chick measures 2” front to back, stands almost 2” tall and measures 1” across the breast. Smaller chick with flowers on her head measures 1 ¾” front to back, stands 1 ½” tall and measures almost 1” across her breast. Larger heart measures 3 ½” tall and measures 2 ¾” across the top. Smaller heart measures 3” tall and measures 2 ½” across the top. Flax spray is 7” tall and measures 2” across the bottom (widest point). Eggs vary in size and the largest is 1 ¾” tall and measures 1 ¾” across the top.

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