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Pennsylvania Rye Straw Lidded Basket Rare


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Judy and I are careful about using the word “rare” in our listings because we feel this word can become over rated with others but when we come across a piece that is truly rare this will become part of the title. This Pennsylvania rye straw basket is rare because of the lidded feature that is not commonly found. The lid on this storage basket gives us an indication that it could have been used to hold numerous items that needed to be covered and protected. For example, sewing notions, small textiles, jewelry and the like.

The patina is just luscious sporting deep crushed walnut hues intertwined with light areas sprinkled randomly throughout. The condition is fine without any breaks to report which is unusual for a piece this old and was apparently coveted by the previous owner. Images 11 & 12 reflect a recessed, stepped rim that was a crucial design feature so the lid would fit tightly over the basket counterpart. The intricate weave is visible throughout the entire piece and speaks to the form and beautiful design element the skilled maker implemented. There is a small piece of knotted thread located at the top of the lid that terminates on the underside and remains a mystery as to why it is there.

This exceptional basket could be displayed either in a bedroom on a night stand to act as a catch all for jewelry or can also be used as a kitchen piece possibly stacked with smaller pantry boxes on top. Spools of thread, needles, a measuring tape and other sewing items could be housed inside and kept organized when hubby brings you yet another pair of socks that needs mending! This is just a wonderful handcrafted rye basket that beckons for a special place to call home…in your home! Enjoy!

Basket measures 8 ½” across the top (right to left), stands 2 ½” tall and measures 8” across the bottom.

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