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Pewter 19th Century Dish with Halloween Apples Neat


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As I have said before, I find inspiration in just about everything including a good old storm! I sat out on the back porch to take in all of the excitement of the grand lightning bolts that streaked across the sky along with the rolling thunder that seemed to shake our house. The fireflies scattered bright orbs of floating light in between the lightning strikes and you have to give them credit as they still seek a mate despite of all the rain! It may be a little early to think about Halloween but rest assured it is just around the corner and the storm inspired me to create this next offering lending whimsical holiday magic!

A 19th century pewter dish boasting dark areas highlighted by random gleaming silver seems to playfully take in light and then eerily reflect it back out! This piece is footed and possesses a recessed area in the middle therefore it was used as a dish but is shallow in form.

There are several areas that have light scratch marks present on the inside as well as the bottom but are hard to detect. It is a heavy piece that could be of English origin. The marks are difficult to read but I can make out the letters “ON” which could translate to “London”. The dish is a little out of round but there are no cracks to report and the condition is still very good.

Graduated mystical apples are a perfect compliment to this dish and nestle in quite nicely. I dripped black candle wax on each apple to create a spooky and primitive look. Branch stems were inserted in the center of these faux apples and accented with old burlap and wool string used around the base.

Harry cut the moon and crow and the wooden mouse was captured in my craft room. I painted up these pieces with a brush stroke of whimsy so they could be added to each apple. These pieces were not glued into place intentionally as this gathering can also be used for Christmas decorating! I am including clay weatherstripping with each piece so you can add this to every apple and place the wooden accents on top. They can be easily removed and will not leave a sticky residue.

For holiday decorating you can add fresh boxwood inside the dish and place the apples on top. Small candy canes or more greens can accent each apple and what a lovely centerpiece this would make! Other “sadware”, i.e. pewter pieces can be arranged around this one by creating an early look to any table instantly! Enjoy!

Pewter plate measures almost 8” across, stands 1” tall and measures 4 ½” across the footed base. Tallest apple with crow measures 9” tall including the stick and apple itself measures 2 ¾” tall and measures 3” across the top. Second apple with mouse stands 8 ½” tall including the stick and the apple itself measures the same as above. Third and last apple stands 6 ¾” tall including the stick and the apple itself measures the same as above.

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