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Potato Baker Advertising Pickering's Furniture Pennsylvania


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I have to admit I was a little stumped as to what this next offering was used for. It was sold as a grater but that did not make sense as the upright metal tabs would have hindered the grating process…..but alas one of my reference books clarified this piece as a “potato baker” and the mystery was solved. The potatoes would be inserted into the tabs provided and instead of laying it down in the oven this piece was meant to stand in an upright position so the potatoes would cook evenly. Clever don’t you think?

The potato baker is in great overall condition as the handle is intact and the dark appearance is grand! There are areas of light surface rust present as well as a small outward dent located on the left hand side as referenced in images 12 & 15.

Most of these potato bakers were bought for advertising purposes and possibly given away with a purchase. In this case “Pickering’s Furniture and Carpet Store” established in the late 19th century until they closed their doors in 1931 was the “greatest and latest” store located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To celebrate their grand opening this store held a pie eating contest on Penn Avenue where cable cars rushed by up and down the street. Thousands of people came to witness the spectacle and I am sure the open house was an instant success.

This unique kitchen tool is just a neat piece to own because of the history and also for what it was used for. What a great conversation piece and I just bet if you ask one of your guests or family members what this item is…they would probably not even come close to the right answer……… but you can always console them with a piece of pie! Enjoy!

Potato Baker stands 15” tall including the handle, measures 2 ¼” across (right to left) and is 3/8” deep.

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