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Prancing Horse Pull Toy Twig Cart Holiday Gathering Fabulous


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”Prancing though the snow” is a perfect way of describing this wonderful black stallion pulling a twig cart exploding with holiday pleasantries. He is certainly spirited as he makes his way home from the mountains where a beautiful Christmas tree was chosen and loaded in the cart. The snowman decided to tag along for a ride and away we go!

The vintage horse and cart were purchased separately but now make a perfect marriage! Twig sides were added to the cart to enclose it for the accents I chose to place inside. It is in very good condition and sports a primitive look as far as the form constituting some pegged construction to the wheel hubs as shown in images 5 & 8. The left dowel seems to have some white paint residue that occurred along the way but the right dowel was not affected. The tiny nails used give way to appropriate nail bleed in the wood and the darker patina is delicious!

The carved tongue also possesses areas of light white paint as shown in image 9 and do rest nicely on the pull toy area behind the horse. The wheels on this cart wobble due to the initial construction factor but actually move freely. There are no chips or cracks to report.

A vintage stallion now rests on a custom pull toy cart Harry fashioned and what a magnificent job he did! If you look at the workmanship shown in images 24 through 26, you can see how he made use of old wood and scrap copper that securely holds the axels in place. It is a secret as far as how he mounted the horse to the cart but what I can tell you is he is very sturdy. The wheels do not move freely when placed on a flat surface but will turn if moved physically.

Harry also made a tail for the stallion using real horsehair. I did create a wreath for this stallion wrapped with old turkey red thread that he proudly wears around his neck. Red yarn was also used to accent his tail and this guy is ready for the holidays! He exhibits hand painted features including the white “sock” feet, eyes and a star on his forehead as shown in images 16 & 17. This horse also has some areas that show a brown undercoat sprinkled at random throughout mostly near the rib area. The harness was fashioned from a plastic material that looks very similar to what was used in creating lanyards back in the “1970’s”. The harness and bridle are completely intact! Good boy! The overall condition of this prancing stallion is very good without any holes, chips or tears to report.

Mr. Snowman is actually a pepper shaker marked “Japan” and sports a great folk art look smoking a pipe with bittersweet orange hand painted accents to his nose and muffler. This piece of pottery is free from any chips or cracks. The paint is intact except for a small area near the back edge of his hat as shown in image 32. Two pairs of greens were added at the top of the cart opening so Mr. Snowman would have a place to reside and could still be seen.

A small tree with a log base was placed inside and is decorated with an array of berries, pine cones, snow tipped branches and a ruby red ornament that holds high regard near the top. None of these accents were glued in place and are removable so you can either add your own embellishments or incorporate even more gaiety.

This offering will definitely be a focal point in any room of your choosing as it is large enough to gain attention and certainly does have that “Oh MY” factor! I can envision this piece on a table surrounded with fresh greens and possibly some ornaments and pine cones laid nearby. A mantle would be another great option with the fire roaring below…… all aglow! Larger lit trees can also be placed on either side to act as a great focal point. After the holidays this cart can also be used for Easter decorating filled with eggs and bird’s nests. What a great versatile gathering that can be displayed all year round implementing your wonderful decorating ideas that can carry over to each season! Enjoy!

Cart stands 5” tall, measures 14” long including the tongue (7 ¾” cart itself without the tongue), measures 4” across the front and 4 ¼” across the back opening. Horse measures almost 9” from the end to his nose to the end of his tail, stands 6 ¼” tall to the tip of his ears, measures 4 ¾” tall at his rump area and measures 1 ½” across the rump (widest point). Pull toy cart measures 5 ¾” long (right to left), stands 1” tall and measures 2 ¾” front to back. Snowman stands 2 ¾” tall, measures 1” across the top of his hat and measures 1 ¼” across the widest point (side to side) at the bottom. Tree stands 8 ½” tall, measures 8” across near the bottom @ the widest point where the extra removable branches have been added otherwise measures 5 ½”. Wooden tree base measures 1 ¼” across.

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