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Primitive Antique Dietz Barn Lantern for Christmas Neat


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This barn lantern filled with pretty Christmas greens and a chenille candy cane sprinkled with Mica is not only charming but very unique!

Lanterns have become so popular especially with Christmas decorating because they can either be hung on a shaker peg, placed out side on a porch or just set on a table for an enchanting look! This piece could not be anymore primitive because of the style and the dark rich color. Perhaps this lantern could have been painted at one point however there are no traces of paint left just a very well seasoned surface that does predominately contain rust which is consistent throughout.

The piece that makes the wick go up and down is still present and so is the wire that secures the glass globe in place done in a crisscross pattern. Did you notice the vent holes located at the top of the lantern that add so much style to this piece? The lantern is marked "Dietz" in raised letters at the top where the shorter hanger can be found. There are no holes at the bottom and this piece is solidly sound. This lantern also has a large wire hanger at the top.

I removed the clear glass globe and tucked some Christmas greens inside along with a chenille candy cane, berries and a piece of holly sprinkled with what resembles snow. These accoutrements really add amazing color as well as texture and I am sure Santa will take notice come Christmas Eve! If you have a handy husband, with a little patience I am confident that he could remove the glass globe and empty the contents out after the holidays.

A wee twig fence was added around the base of this lantern as an interesting accent which lends an outdoor and rustic feel. The little threaded cap that covers the area where the kerosene was poured in, is missing, so I just added some Blue Mountain Juniper for a snippet of color while bestowing Christmas cheer!

This lantern though absent of light is however, full of Christmas enchantment that will bring primitive charm and holiday magic to your homestead! My favorite idea is to use this on a table with greens and fruit, like lady apples, woven in a circular pattern around the base of the lantern. This piece really is so versatile as the decorating possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

The lantern stands 15 1/2" Tall including the wire hanger, (12" without the hanger measurement), 3 1/4" across the top & 7 1/2" across the bottom.

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