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Primitive Antique Grain Scoop Candleholder Neat


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This antique grain scoop leads a double life as it has been repurposed into an unique candleholder that will accent a wall in style rather than placing it somewhere else. The old tin measure acts as a candleholder and the botanicals as shown also accompany this offering.

Whispers of indigo blue paint can be found on the wooden base of the scoop while the handle appears to have traces of white paint. The scoops tin surface has darkened though the years with some areas of rust located near the top as referenced in image 6. There are some recessed areas in the tin located on the back and also the right hand side near the wooden base but no creases or dents are visible. The edge of the tin has been turned over about 1/8th of an inch so the outside edge is smooth instead of becoming a safety hazard. The scoop is in good overall condition and has a great look!

I was able to find a small old tin measure with an applied, soldered handle that sports a wonderful brown rusty tin surface as shown in image 8. The shape is adorable as the gradual contour toward the bottom becomes larger in size. There are no holes or dents to report. I placed a spice rubbed candle inside and filled the measure with soup beans to keep the candle in place. The color of the candle resembles a soft mustard mixed with a touch of nutmeg. This piece rests nicely on top of the grain measures base and is weighted down with the beans so it will stay put!

Lastly, corn shucks, quince, cotton boils, orange berries, flax and a chocolate brown pod grace the inside of the scoop lending color and interest. During the holidays, you can replace these items with greens and berries to achieve a magical holiday look that will be adored every time you pass by. Enjoy!

The scoop measures 13 1/2" long (including the handle) and the scoop itself measures 8 1/2", it is 5 3/4" across (right to left) near the top and contours down to about 3 3/4" near the front and is 2 1/2" deep. The candleholder stands 3 1/2" tall (including the candle) 2" tall without the candle, top opening is 2 1/4" across and the bottom measures 2 3/4"across.

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