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Primitive Antique Washboard Scrub Brush Gathering Neat


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Looking for something unique for your Laundry Room......well, this gathering is just so special I am sure it will delight you and your homestead!

I found a wonderful antique Washboard that is very unusual because instead of a tin insert used for agitating, this piece is comprised of small heavy gauge wires that run across the front and are spaced accordingly. The board is fashioned from pine and still retains a warm chocolate brown hue. No manufacturer's marks are present. There are whispers of glue traces on the back side of the board near the right edge and it appears this repair was made a very long time ago. A small notch can also be seen on the left side of the board just below the string but stops half way down.

I added a small cheese box in the front that contains three primitive laundry themed items. The first is an old brown bottle with a nice rendition of a starch label backed on burlap and then hand ~ stitched in black thread. I used a piece of aged cheesecloth for the top and tied it with string. The second item is a "Make ~ Do" scrub brush I created that sports an old handle from a cookie cutter. The bristles are worn to perfection and the wood has a dry attic surface finish that screams primitive all the way! Cute! The last items included are two large chunks of old Lye Soap just like grandma used to make back on the farm! The cheese box does come filled with excelsior so the items show well when placed inside.

I also added some aged string near the top to mimic a clothes line. An old dollies dress lending a gentle coffee stained bath proudly hangs from a clothespin. A small hand wrapped wire basket was also created and hangs from the line. It holds chocolate brown roving wool with sorrel colored tips. Fragrant Sweet Annie and Goldenrod grace the left with a soft spray of subdued color while contributing a nature element to the wood ground. The clothespin that holds the Sweet Annie also comes with this gathering.

Two cracks in the wood are visible in images 4 & 8, front and back. The washboard is still sturdy and strong as it was very well made because there are two runners that support the wood. The heavy gauge wire does overlap to the back as shown in image 9. What a great look! There is appropriate nail bleed throughout the board and the overall appearance is "primitively awesome"!

This special washboard is already decorated and awaits your laundry room where it promises to make the arduous old ~ time chore of "Wash Day" a thing of the past, come bright and early, every Monday morn. Enjoy!

The washboard stands 23 1/2" Tall, 12 1/2" Across & 1 1/2" Deep (not including the cheese box addition), 4" including the cheese box measurement. The cheese box is 9" across, 2 3/4" tall & 3" Deep. The adorable dollies dress measures almost 6" across the end of the sleeve to the other end of the sleeve and stands 5" Tall. The "Make ~ Do" Scrub Brush is 3 1/4" Tall, 1" across & 2 3/4" from top of handle to the wire bristles. The Starch Bottle stands 5" Tall, 1" diameter across the top & 2" diameter across the bottom. The Wire Basket stands 1 1/2" Tall without the roving wool & 2 1/2" with the roving wool. Sweet Annie & Goldenrod measure 7 3/4" Tall & 3" @ the widest point (across). Lastly, the old Lye Soap Chunks are about 2 1/2" across the top @ the widest point by 1 1/4" & stand 1 1/2" Tall.

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