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Primitive Artisan Made Old Wood Birdhouse with Light Inside


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This birdhouse was fashioned from old wood and has all the primitive charm it can muster up! What is really special about this "Avian Retreat" is it has a inside light! In the evening you can really see the soft glow that is cast from the four windows and arched doorway. Very spectacular!

When I purchased this birdhouse it was actually a lamp but I had other plans for it. I thought a sort of night light would be unusual and also show off well in the evening hours. The windows were solid wood without any way of light escaping so they were carved out to solve this problem. They all have deep ledges and are askew, one window with a opening above and the other with a opening below. This was intentionally done to add a contrasting effect. A light was added and the cord was fed through the hole previously drilled for the same intention.

The bottom of the birdhouse has two screws that can easily be removed as shown in image 8. The piece of wood can then be taken out as the light was actually connected and secured to the wood. A screwdriver can be used to gently pry the wood loose. You can then replace the 4 Watt Nite Lite bulb and you are good to go! The cord also has a convenient ~on and off~ switch too.

Most of the wood used to design this birdhouse is old and the whitewash worn paint on the four sides is incredibly primitive. The roof shingles are a light squash green and one of the shingles does have a crack in it as can be seen in image 6. There is also a hole in the top of the roof, see image 5 and this was where the rod was located to create a lamp.

Wonderful attention to detail is apparent on the red and blue trim that was used for each window. The screen is also old and does give the windows a fabulous time worn appearance. This artist also had vision when he created the darling half moon shaped front door. Light also escapes from this area as well and casts soft shadows on the covered porch. I added a little excelsior to the second story entry where the round hole is and will send this along with the birdhouse.

A ~one of a kind~ unique piece that will add amazing character and handmade whimsy to your homestead. The birds would be envious, I am sure! Enjoy!

Measurements are 13" Tall by 6" across the front & 8" deep (includes porch).

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