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Primitive Artisan Made Trencher Gourds Broom Autumn Gathering


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Just how do you get a cat to pose on cue? Don't ask me but when I went to take this shot there was Cory ready to be photographed and he did a great job! He got rewarded with Salmon for this otherwise almost impossible feat! Thanks Core!

This interesting gathering offered comes with a fabulous artisan ~ made trencher, two warty gourd pumpkins, chocolate brown pods, a one ~ of ~ a ~ kind decorated whisk broom, a candle in a gourd bowl and a sprinkling of gum balls with two pieces of anise.

I have had this trencher in my collection for over twenty years and it was actually made in Yugoslavia at that time. This trencher was hand carved out of one piece of wood and the artisan did a terrific job! The trencher sports diversified color variations that are just awesome lending warm, mellow hues that certainly compliment our primitive tastes without hesitation. My favorite part about this trencher is that it does sit forward and the high back acts as a backdrop. This special feature is a desirable tribute as the items resting inside can be seen clearly and stand out very well.

There are no cracks or chips to report. The trencher is shallow and does have some old worm holes on the inside that add so much character and were there when I purchased this bowl. An area on the outer edge of the trencher (4" distance across) does have some minor white marks in a vertical, almost "hit & miss" pattern. This piece of woodenware is basically smooth to the touch and has great carving inconsistencies throughout! The trencher does not weigh very much but is indeed sturdy and has a good feel to it. Great primitive form and desirable overall appearance.

The warty gourds are fabulous with a wonderful bumpy surface and appealing color. I added two hearts fashioned from old wool and then blanket ~ stitched them up for a finished look. They compliment each gourd quite well lending autumn earth tone colors.

The old whisk broom boasting dark brown sorghum was accented with cheesecloth and old wool twisted at the top that lends an interesting look. A dried parsnip hangs lazily in the front and evokes primitive charm to this unique gathering.

A small gourd bowl was a perfect fit for a spiced nubby candle. I used soup beans to proportion the weight around the candle and hold it in place.

Judy found some wonderful chocolate brown pods that I tucked in at random to add interest. I incorporated some wee pumpkins that were glued inside of the open pods for a pop of color which adds contrast to the gourds.

The trencher can also be used during the holidays filled with Christmas greens and berries for a beautiful farmhouse table centerpiece mixed in with early cookie cutters. This bowl would be a great addition to an open cupboard as well filled with your favorite kitchen collectibles such as butter stamps, wooden spoons or even a collection of whisk brooms! Neat gathering that will suit any primitive homestead with flavorful autumn charm! Enjoy!

Bowl measures 18 1/2" Length Across, 7" Deep & the Front Height is 1" and the back Height is 2 1/4". Warty Gourd Pumpkins vary a little in size and measure 4 1/2" & 5 1/2" Tall including the stem, 4 1/2" without the stem, 4" Across the top and 4" Across the bottom. Old Whisk Broom stands 8" Tall & 4" Across the widest point @ the bottom. The candle in the Gourd stands 3 1/2" Tall & 1 1/2" across the bottom base. The pods vary in size from 6" across by 5" tall.

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