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Primitive Autumn Fall Lit Apothecary Jar Tea Light Unique


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If you are looking for something very unique to decorate your beautiful homestead for the autumn season, this next exciting offering may just be tempting enough for you not to resist! The good news is this apothecary jar is not too large and can absolutely be worked into any space whether it be on a cupboard shelf or placed in a deep window sill to add autumn charm! The early nine patch quilt block and acorns are also included as a special accent for the jar.

I was able to find an awesome glass apothecary jar, marked on the bottom, "British Made", at a sale I attended a couple of years ago, age unknown. There are tiny air bubbles present on the front and there is a gentle kicked up bottom. The ground glass lid boasting a traditional round knob adds sheer character to the overall look. This piece is in very good condition without any cracks or chips to report!

I chose some interesting pieces for the inside that remind me of fall, keeping a stylized cascading effect in my mind's eye. Half way through this project I decided to have the inside lit and came up with the idea to use a small gourd spoon that had a wide opening to accommodate a battery operated tea light, (battery included). Voila ~ La, there you have it a unique autumn filled jar that not only holds interest with the dried pumpkin, corn, small gourds with a bittersweet hue, wee pumpkins, sweet gum balls, prairie grass and dark branches but also holds special enchantment because it is lit.

The nine patch quilt block has whispers of the calico pattern remaining and the soft butter color is a nice compliment to the color hues inside the jar. This block is in good condition without any rips or tears to report. The ends are a little frayed but the Lilliputian hand stitching throughout is certainly a wonder to behold.

A blackened beeswax large acorn graces the top of this block supported by a couple of cinnamon sticks to add a raised feature to the acorn. This way you can see the detail which is beautiful as the acorn has a carved took. The top of the acorn is more of a silvery grey color compared to the bottom which gives it nice texture and color contrast. Three real acorns were also added and boast a beautiful soft brown color that may have fallen from a majestic red oak tree.

This one of a kind offering would also create quite a stir for Thanksgiving as it can be placed on the holiday table atop a breadboard with pumpkins, gourds and leaves for a showy centerpiece! In the evening hours the contents in the jar can still be appreciated as light is cast upon the array of natural elements that represent fall at its best! Happy Autumn and Enjoy!

The jar measures 10" Tall including the lid, (8" without the lid measurement) & 4" across the top and bottom. The beeswax acorn is 3" tall (vertical) & 2 1/4" across (horizontal). Early quilt block measures 8 1/4" across by 8" tall, almost square.

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