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Primitive Bee Skep Artisan Made


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Did you know that Bee Skeps were used for about 2000 years and are actually baskets placed with the open end down. They were originally made from wicker and plastered with mud however during the Middle ages they were fashioned from straw. Bees were not native to North America and were imported in 1683. The native Americans called them "English Flies" as they had never seen them before! Most of the kitchen gardens included several bee skeps to provide honey in the late 17th century. Honey was a very important staple for the colonial "huswife" as it was used in curing hams and acted as a preservative for fruits as well.

The beeswax collected from the hives were used to waterproof leather, bind wounds, smooth thread for sewing, was one of the ingredients for candle making and could also be used as an early type of chewing gum. Bee balm was also rubbed on the inside of skeps to attract bees and thyme along with borage were planted nearby for the same purpose. Very interesting!

This wonderful signed bee skep was hand ~ crafted using painted aged rope and then carefully coiled to represent a dome shape. Artisan made on a Kentucky farm, this primitive bee skep has a time worn look and is very unique. The base is made from wood and if you look closely there is a small entrance hole.

I added a neat line drawn image of a bee skep that was aged and backed with early wool onto burlap. There is a small hole, not very deep, at the top of the skep. I was able to insert a twig in this hole so it would secure the image held by string. This was not glued for shipping reasons but does come with the skep along with the image.

By day or by candle light this primitive skep is reminiscent of colonial living, rich in history and reminds us of sweet rewards begotten. Enjoy!

Measures 9" Tall, 7 1/4" across the bottom & 23" around the middle circumference.

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