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Primitive Bowl Holder Box Gathering With Wee Mouse


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This gathering idea experienced quick momentum all because I found a wonderful box fashioned from pine with a knot hole that would soon be a home for my…(your) mouse.  She is actually poking her head out of the hole to make your acquaintance!  This unique and one of a kind gathering includes two hard to find smaller old bowls, late 19th century cookie cutter, unusual butter paddle, gourd eggs, beeswax star, primitive hanging candle, dried flax and prairie flowers.  The excelsior inside is also included. 

This old box is in good condition and sports a rich nutmeg hue with aggressive nail bleed that has darkened the wood to perfection.  I used old clothespins that were nailed in each of the four corners to act as legs as shown in images 15 & 16, lending great results…as this piece now looks more substantial.  There is another knot that gave way on the underside of the box therefore I used a piece of taped burlap so the excelsior would not penetrate through the bottom as shown in image 17.  A piece of wood located on the left hand side of this box is slightly bowed near the bottom as shown in image 9.  A chip is also visible at the upper corner as well as several cracks that extend past the nails on the back and on the front of the box.  A  small piece of wood is missing from the bottom, left hand side on the front and does show an old exposed nail but this is just a cosmetic age related occurrence as shown in image 2. 

There is a long crack on the bottom of the box however it does not compromise the integrity.  Seven newer nails are also present on the bottom as well.  This piece is still sturdy after all these years and is in good condition.   

I chose two smaller bowls to fit inside this holder.  One is a nicely grained maple bowl that has a warm and gentle patina that this beautiful wood is known for.  The turnings are present as shown in image 20 and there are some stains at the bottom of the bowl as well.  This same image shows a smooth indent on the outermost edge of the rim.  Two small chips are visible on the edge as referenced in image 21.  The bottom of this bowl has some rough areas present as referenced in images 22 & 23 but this feature really adds interesting character.  This piece is also slightly out of round and has a somewhat oval shape. 

A fabulous hand carved butter paddle was added and chosen for the proper size and gorgeous patina.  The handle is much darker than the rest of the paddle and the beautiful wood graining shows though at the bottom.  The tapered, sharp end of the paddle is lighter in color because it was used to scrape the contents in the bowl.  There is a hole at the top so this piece can be also be hung if you so chose.  Image 26 reflects a chip on the back of the handle near the opening of the hole that occurred long ago because the color is consistent with rest of the handle. 

The second bowl is smaller and has a more pronounced oval shape.  It is a lighter weight bowl that is shallow and has a nice surface with dark contrasting areas.  It is in very good condition without any chips or cracks to report. 

A wee mouse has decided to take up residence in the hole of this box and is peeking out to assess her surroundings. She is made from vintage boucle fabric that contains raised, dark specs and she has been gently antiqued.  Her little whiskers are precious and so is her coiled tail!  The other half of her body extends past the hole as shown in image 7. 

This whimsical  late 19th century cookie cutter that sports a horse design has a desirable dark surface throughout with the exception of the solder marks.  The horse may have been re positioned at one point as the original solder marks don't quite line up with his position now.  This piece is also missing the strap handle on the back as shown in image 30 but this horse is adorable just the same and is a nice respite placed among st the wooden ware pieces. 

A beeswax lightly scented star was added for interest and the great primitive texture it holds boasting splendid recessed detail in the front is fantastic.  It has been lightly dusted with spices. 

Four gourd eggs were added as a reminder that spring is on its way and offer another primitive element to the mix.  A spray of preserved flax provides a pop of color and adds a wispy touch to the overall look. 

Prairie flowers bound together with string grace the back left corner of the box and add height to the appearance of the gathering as shown in image 32. 

This one of a kind gathering is ready to set out as soon as it is received and promises to add charming results to your homestead "without further ado"!  Enjoy! 

The box measures 11 3/4" across (right to left), 6 1/4" Tall and 7 3/4" deep (front to back).  The maple bowl (larger of the two) stands 1 3/4" tall, measures almost 8 3/4" across (right to left) and is 8 1/4" deep (front to back).  The smaller bowl stands 1 1/4" tall, measures 7" across (right to left) and is 6 1/2" deep (front to back).  Butter paddle stands 8 1/4" tall, measures 3 1/2" across the bowl of the paddle (right to left) and the handle measures 3/4" across (right to left).  Horse cookie cutter measures 4" across (right to left), measures 3" tall and is a little less than 3/4" thick.  Beeswax star measures 2 1/4" by 2 1/4".  Gourd eggs vary in size but are 2 1/2" Tall by 1 1/2" across to 1 1/2" by 1 1/4".  Prairie flowers stand 15" tall by 2" across (right to left).  Lastly, the darling wee mouse measures 4 1/2" from nose to the starting of her tail (coiled tail measurement adds an extra 3 1/2" long) and 1 1/2" across the widest part of her body.

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