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Primitive Bowl with Stone Fruit


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What happens when you take a primitive bowl and add colorful stone fruit inside…..well all I can tell you is the results are gloriously delicious!! The dark appearance of this wonderful bowl is a perfect backdrop for the three pieces of stone fruit also included in this offering.

This 19th century out of round bowl seems to be smothered in a dark, rich patina and even possesses a recessed rim lip feature. The exciting concentric grain that appears on the sides and bottom adds plenty of character resulting in a special piece of treen. There is a long age related crack that starts at the top of the lip and then terminates promptly at the footed base. A dark area appears on the back that may have occurred from an unfortunate mishap of the bowl being placed too close to an extreme heat source. This retired utilitarian piece of woodenware still makes for a nice display piece especially with the stone fruit placed inside.

The dazzling trio of old stone fruit boasting vibrant color is an impressive attribute for the bowl. The apple, pear and orange all have minimal paint loss that include tiny specs of white showing on the surface. The orange boasts an uneven and correct “orange peel” texture that is quite amazing while the apple and pear possess a smooth surface. An array of soft greens along with a middle section of strong bittersweet orange highlighted with veins in the marble pear seem to grab our attention. The stem has been broken off at one point in time but I think we can still be forgiving!

The apple is beautiful in all its glory and stands out from the crowd sporting brilliant color that was painted on with skilled brush strokes! All of the fruit are in good condition lacking any chips or cracks. They all have an amazing realistic look that centers on the Italian attention to detail that stone fruit is known for.

This offering would look gorgeous on an open buffet in the dining room set amongst other serving pieces such as an ironstone soup tureen, graduated pitchers or even a wooden utensil carrier filled with civil war era silverware. Another idea is to incorporate pewter pieces on the buffet too that would include a sugar, creamer, master salt or even a coffee pot. I am sure you will have fun deciding where to place this great bowl along with the fruit in your lovely home that will gain attention from family and friends! Enjoy!

Bowl measures 11” across the top (right to left), measures 10 ¼” front to back, measures 2 ½” tall and measures 3 ½” across the bottom (footed area) and measures 3 ¼” front to back (footed area). Pear including the stem stands 4 ½” tall and measures 1 ½” across the bottom. Apple stands 4” tall, measures 2” across the top and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom. Orange stands almost 2” tall, measures 2” across the top and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom.

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