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Primitive Christmas Antique Tin Sugar Bucket with Authentic Sugar Cone and Paddle


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This fabulous tin Sugar Bucket has been filled with special holiday ~goodies~ that I hope you will enjoy! It can be equated to a stuffed Christmas stocking.... only better!

I used greens, an authentic sugar cone, old wooden spoon, antique butter paddle, cinnamon sticks and three pomegranates gently dusted with Mica that adds soft sparkle to this scene!

This bucket has a hinged lid and the white stenciling used on each letter is 80% intact and offset with a lamplight black ground. This piece is in very good condition and sports minimal surface wear to the paint. I used several variations of Christmas greens and berries that really enhance the overall look for the holidays. When this piece is lit, it looks just amazing as I wrapped red string and cheesecloth, at random around the lights for a unusual look! New idea of mine I had to try! These have NOT been glued on so you can remove them at will if you choose to. Some of the branches are snow tipped and really stand out nicely.

I added an authentic sugar cone in keeping with the theme of the "Sugar" Bucket. The cone stands about 4 1/2" tall. The butter paddle looks, "Oh, so primitive" leaned up against the side of the bucket and has an unusual oval shape in the bowl of the paddle. Boasting dry attic finish sporting a notched end to secure it on the edge of a large bowl, this little gem has it all! It stands 10" Tall and the bowl is 5 1/2" across the longest point. There are some appropriate age cracks that can be seen in images 8, 9, 10 & 11 that really add character to this piece.

Three dried pomegranates, graduated in size were added for color and have been sprinkled with Mica for interest. They actually poke into the branches.

This unique offering will certainly bring Christmas cheer to your homestead and will lend that special cozy primitive charm we all love! Enjoy! Please note: ~You can just remove the wire that secures the lid in an open position, take out the greens and set out anywhere of your choosing the rest of the year.

The overall height of the sugar bucket is 17" at the tallest point, bucket measures 7" Tall, 8" bottom and top diameter.

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