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Primitive Christmas Shadow Box Putz Sheep Bottle Brush Trees Gathering Sweet


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As I have said many times….ideas start with inspiration and that is exactly what I saw in this unusual, what I am calling, a shadow box. It really is a vintage item that may have been recessed in the wall of a lovely 1930's to 1940's home to use as a display piece. The mystery is what function the iron lever had which is located at the bottom. It swings "to and fro" but why? We may never know but the intrigue is something we can certainly ponder for awhile!

All of the items inside are included with the box and you can enjoy this offering as soon as it arrives! This can be displayed through the winter months as well and the box can be used all year round to hold other items of interest!

There is wonderful wear and age related cracks in the eggshell white paint on this neat box. The moldings certainly add lot's of character and the three shelves are a wonderful feature. There is even an eye hook located at the top as this piece may have been hung at one point. The lever forms an "L" as referenced in images 16, 17 & 18 and the smallest part sticks out. You can just position this smallest part of the lever over the edge of a table, in the back and this piece will sit flat and securely. There is also appropriate nail bleed that has gently surfaced though the paint. A portion of paint loss has occurred inside the upper left hand corner.

The Putz sheep has had a little mishap regarding his nose as he was dropped. You can see a hairline crack running from his nose toward his jaw but he has had plastic surgery and this area healed very well! Only a little scar remains. His legs are strong, do not wiggle and this German sheep is still quite a handsome guy. Yellow eyes and a sweet face give him lot's of personality while his wooly coat has darkened to perfection with age. He sports a nice red collar and his ears are intact which is usually a rarity.

These old bottle brush trees are exceptionally nice and in good condition! The red flower pot indicates this tree's origin came from Japan and I believe the same holds true for the gold banded pot. This is the tallest tree and does look like it was glued to something at one point as the bottom of the base still has some hardened glue remaining. The smallest tree, on the top left shelf does have a small area of brown discoloration.

Wee Pine cones were scattered on two shelves and the beechnut pod proudly resides in front of the sheep. An old fluted tart tin mold holds Prairie Grass as well as three ruby red Mercury Glass style ornaments. Lastly, a garland drapes lightly over the top while a spray of cedar accented with a candy cane and a wee basket dresses the left upper corner.

This is such a cheerful and fun gathering that will give you pleasure every time you gaze upon it and I am sure your homestead will be happy with your purchase as well!! Happy Holidays & Enjoy!

The shadow box stands 15" Tall, measures 9 1/4" across the front & is 3 1/2" Deep. The depth of each shelf measures almost 3" by 3". The sheep stands 3" Tall, measures 3 1/4" from nose to tail & is 1" across his back. The tallest Bottle Brush Tree with the two gold banded Pot stands 5 1/4" Tall and is approximately 2" deep. The second tree with the red flower pot stands 4 1/2" Tall and is also 2" Deep. The third tree with snow accents stands 3 3/4" Tall and is 1 1/2" Deep at the widest point. The smallest tree pictured on the upper left hand shelf stand 2 3/4" Tall and is 1 1/4" Wide. The Candy Cane Swag is 6 1/4" Tall by 2" across. The old tart tin mold measures 2 1/2" across the top and 1 1/2" across the bottom. The Mercury style ornaments are 3/4" across the widest point and are 1 1/2" Tall.

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