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Primitive Cupboard Cheddar Paint Glass Front Nice Form


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If you are looking for a small primitive cupboard for that little nook in your homestead, you may be quite enamored with this next offering. This piece sports a warm cheddar paint that is not only cheerful looking but is also difficult to find. The cupboard is sold by itself and the pieces inside are for display purposes only to give you an idea of the height and depth of the shelves.

The form on this cupboard is simple but has enough detail to draw attention. The glass front is such a plus because you don't have to keep the door open to appreciate the interesting pieces inside used for display. These items will also be protected behind the door as they will not get dusty.

There are a total of two shelves but the bottom can also be used as well. The top shelf is the tallest and has the most room while the middle is not as tall. The bottom has the least amount of room but you can certainly stack your favorite scraps of fabric in this area to add color and interest.

When I received this cupboard, it had glass shelves originally but were broken in shipment. We remedied this dilemma by using Luanne wood that was painted a warm nutmeg color. The rest of the inside was also painted nutmeg and I actually like it much better! A happy accident! The good news is the top shelf can be removed by just pulling it out if you need a taller space for your collections. I believe this cupboard was a medicine cabinet and was made around 1940's. There are corrugated or coggled small strips of heavy gauge wire that secure the 90 degree angles on each corner of the wood. These wire pieces were invented around 1832 and are just hammered into the wood.

The back of this cupboard has a little screw that sticks out from the bottom and it's purpose is to hold an added strip of horizontal wood in place. See images 17 & 18. This piece of wood is not secured on the ends so it may move either up or down when given the chance. When hanging this cupboard you may want to allow for the 1/2" screw protrusion which is easy to do. Just pull the cupboard away from the wall at the top where the nail goes to shore up the space.

There is a little porcelain knob used for the pull and the door does fit snug when closed. The glass is in great condition without any cracks or scratches to report! At one point this piece was painted a sage green as traces can be found at the very top as referenced in image 5 and on the back in images 10, 11 & 12. The cupboard was constructed using both small and larger nails that give it strength and stability! A very well made piece.

If you decide you don't want to hang this piece, you can always set it on top of a table to create height because the bottom is flat. Just a great item at an affordable price that will show off your primitive collections splendidly! You will certainly have fun decorating this cupboard! Enjoy!

The cupboard stands 21" Tall including the very top measurement and 18" Tall is the measurement for the cupboard itself, 12" across & 5" Deep. The first shelf is a generous 7 1/2" Tall by 10" across and is 3 1/2" Deep, the second shelf measures 6" Tall by 10" across and is also 3 1/2" Deep. The smallest area on the bottom is 3" Tall by 10" Across & is 3 1/2" deep with the door closed. The door is actually about 1" thick.

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