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Primitive Document Box Red Paint Ink Well and Fraktur


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This document box boasting red paint is paired up with a stoneware inkwell and a Fraktur rendition that promises to delight your home with charming character. Box dates to the last quarter of the 19th century and still retains the original locking mechanism and hinges.

The “trick of the light”, i.e. playful chameleon paint seems to have us all guessing as far as what the true color of the box is. As you can tell by the images, it just depends on how much light is cast upon the paint to reveal the “real time” color. Outdoors the paint takes on a red color with a salmon pink hue. However, indoors the color is closer to a deep rusty red.

Nails were used to construct this piece and trim was added on the edge of the lid accomplishing a nice finished look. This box has heavy wear that include three chips on the top lid area along with an exposed nail as noted in images 20, 21 & 22. There are deep as well as light scratches randomly sprinkled throughout along with some gouges in the front location. Image 18 reflects an exposed nail that split the wood when driven in by the maker. Oops!

Some tight cracks are evident on the front near the right hand side as referenced by the arrow in image 4 as well as on the back location on the right side just above the second lower nail as shown in image 14. There is a faint musty odor when you open the box. However there is no smell when the lid is closed. I added dryer sheets inside to aid in repelling any odor and if you add a fresh one every couple of months this should do the trick until the smell is omitted.

The edges of the box have appropriate wear in all the right places leaving an exposed wood appearance. There are small areas located on the right hand side that fell culprit to white paint as shown in image 9. This piece is in overall good condition as it is structurally sound and is also a smaller size if space is at a premium.

A stoneware inkwell seemed like an appropriate addition placed on top of the box to tie in the theme. It has an orange peel appearance adding texture while the warm tan color promises to be a neutral attribute. The back shows a couple small pieces of “accident clay” that snuck a piggy back ride on the body of the inkwell as noted in images 35 & 37! It happens! A tiny chip can be found on the left hand side located on the edge as referenced in image 38. There are no cracks present and the feathers that reside inside are included.

I created a Fraktur rendition sporting birds along with a floral motif by reproducing this antique on paper and attaching it to an old piece of a burlap. A hand stitched heart flanked by two folk art decorative scrolls grace the bottom adding further detail.

This interesting gathering would be a great display for a table, writing or schoolmasters desk or can even be tucked in a cupboard. The vivid paint color can’t be missed and will certainly attract attention wherever you decide to place it. You can build on this theme by adding an old ledger, deeds and even indentures nearby to create a special place of history in your home! Enjoy!

Box measures 14 ½” across the top (widest point), measures 13 ¾” across the base (right to left), stands 4 ½” tall and measures 7 ½” deep (front to back). Fraktur measures 5 ½” across (right to left), measures 5 ¾” tall and is ¼” thick @ top area. Inkwell stands 1 ¾” tall, top opening measures ¾” and bottom measures almost 2” across.

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