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Primitive Doll Bed Steiff Cat Old Homespun Star Quilt Gathering Sweet


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I am on "cuteness overload" as my dear Graphic Artist, Amy would say because this darling Steiff cat has such a precious face that absolutely melts my heart! Don't you agree? She proudly graces the top of an old homespun quilt piece that I made especially for this doll bed!

This wooden bed has wonderful form sporting little turned legs with a simple headboard and foot board design. I am not sure of the age but know it was made sometime after the 40's. The wooden side rails were glued into the notched legs as shown in image 7 & 8 and I don't see any nails present. The inside of the bed was fashioned from pressed wood that has a dark almost chocolate color as shown in image 3. There are two light marks that appear on this area as referenced in image 5, near the middle and close to the foot board. The bottom of the legs all have ball feet. However one of the legs toward the left side of the headboard has a chip out of it as shown in image 11 off to the right, image 6 off to the left & image 9.

There is a little bit of a sheen cast to the wood and there is also a presence of a subtle grain texture that lends a warm nutmeg hue. This bed has a hint of a rough feel to the surface. Very good condition and this doll bed is a nice size for decorating.

The small Steiff cat has lost her identity, as her tag and ear button are missing but she is a Steiff purebred just the same sporting a mohair body with glass eyes. My Aunt gave me a cat very similar to this one years ago because she knew how I loved animals and I have cherished it ever since. This tabby cat that also comes with this offering has a somewhat moveable head and is not jointed but rather stays in the sitting position. She is probably from the 50's and has minimal mohair loss notably just around the ears. Her original collar is still intact and so are her whiskers. Her stitched pink nose and feet are detailed little features that make her ever ~ so ~ special! Just adorable especially because of her small size!

A piece from my late 1800's tied cutter quilt boasting a showy star pattern seemed a perfect choice for the bed cover of this doll bed. Calico fabric with a strong color of indigo and eggshell white dots comprise the eight pointed star set against a homespun background. I used chocolate brown thread and blanket stitched the edges for a finished look. I even made a pillow from the same quilt with the two ties exposed that act as a simple accent. This pillow was also blanket stitched.

What a sweet gathering that is sure to bring back fond childhood memories laced with pleasant whimsical charm. Placed atop your blanket chest sitting in front of a four poster bed with baskets full of cloth dolls and animals would make a perfect setting for your cozy bedroom! The Steiff cat doesn't eat much, is litter box trained and promises to be a friendly companion to you and your homestead! Enjoy!

The bed measures 13 1/2" Long, stands 6" tall in the back including the top of the posts (Headboard) & 3 1/2" Tall in the front including the top of the post (Foot board) & measures 7 1/2" across rail to rail. The quilt measures 12 1/4" Tall & 7 1/2" @ the widest point across the bottom, 6 1/4" @ the smallest point across the top near the headboard. The Pillow is 6" Long & 2 1/2" Tall. The Steiff Kitty Cat stands 4 1/4" @ the tallest point including the ear measurement, 2" across the bottom & 3" from the paws to the back of the tail.

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