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Primitive Feather Tree Decorated Old Dovetailed Box Christmas Gathering


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I just love decorating my home with Feather Trees for the holidays, how about you? The old trees are usually expensive and even though this tree is not authentically old it still is, in "keeping to tradition" and has a wonderful look without the expense. This gathering comes with the old dovetailed box, cheesecloth, all the handmade ornaments as well as a butter pat! Offered to you as one of a kind, this is sure to bring good tidings and joy to you and your homestead just in time for the holidays!

This antique inspired feather tree has alternating berries and tiny pods on each end of the branches boasting very nice detail! It has a wooden base that was painted a warm buttermilk color. I found an old dovetailed box that is a perfect size for the tree and added some aged cheesecloth inside that gently drapes over the left corner. This box is marked, "Marvel Steam Vulcanizer" and is as primitive as they come sporting a dry attic finish with age related surface wear. Image 15 reflects a small piece of wood missing from the top edge and there is another piece of wood loss on the opposite side, to the left. Apparently, this box had a slide top lid that has disappeared at some point. There is also a crack on the bottom as shown in image 17 & 18 however this box is still in good condition and is strong because it was made to last using dovetailed construction.

I really wanted to customize this tree and made all of the ornaments keeping balance and color in mind. Two authentic sugar cones were chosen and wrapped with cheesecloth bound by wire that also acts as a hanger. One of the sugar cones has a candy cane sprinkled with Mica while the other cone sports berries in the front. Both of these cones have a wee touch of greens and I really like the way each cone almost sparkles when light is cast upon it.

Two acorns were used that were wrapped in cheesecloth at the top. One of the acorns has a wire hanger that was hand wrapped and placed on the cap for hanging. Two long pinecones were incorporated and boast tiny greens and a berry in the front. To bring in a traditional Williamsburg theme, dried oranges were added with a little berry dotting the middle.

My favorite item I included were three candle stubs that I saved from my photo shoots this year, as I was no longer able to burn them. These were wrapped with aged wire that was used as a hanger. One of the candles is a maple color, the other is a warm chocolate brown and the last is a pitch black. These candles add such an authentic look to this tree lending so much olde ~ fashioned charm! An aged candy cane wrapped with cheesecloth and tiny bells graces the top and ties in the sweet Christmas Pantry theme seamlessly!

I had a lone butter pat that was missing it's mate and added a candy cane to the front. This just lays over the top of the box and adds texture and early patina from being used years ago in many country farm kitchens!

If you happen to be blessed with a freestanding butcher block this would be a great spot to place the tree or what about in front of your kitchen window so you can enjoy it while baking cookies or preparing that delicious Christmas meal too! This would also be so pretty on a farmhouse table when company arrives since it can be viewed on either side. I hope you enjoy this gathering as much as I enjoyed designing and making it! Happy Holidays!

The tree stands 22" Tall, graduates to 10", the widest point from tip of branch to tip of other branch at the bottom, 8" across the middle & 5" across the top. **NOTE: These measurements can vary depending on how far down you decide to position the branches. The ornaments vary in size from 1 1/2" tall, ( Pine cones) to 2" by 2" for the Dried Oranges. Sugar cones measure 1 1/4" Tall, 1" across the top & 1 1/2" across the bottom. The dovetailed box measure 8" across (horizontal), 7 1/2" Deep & stands 3" Tall. Butter Pat stands 9 3/4" Tall, 2 3/4" across the middle & is 1/8" thick. Cheesecloth is 3 feet Long by about 14" across @ the widest point in the middle.

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