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Primitive Flax Comb Homespun Towel Gathering Unique


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Are you looking for something unique to hang on a Shaker Peg rack? If so this next gathering may be of interest to you. The theme of this offering is flax related as flax was such an important part in the much that there was a law created that stated each homestead had to plant at least 1 acre of flax. The fibrous anatomy of flax had to undergo a process of being “dew retted” and broken so it could be combed out for use on a spinning wheel to create clothing or bed linens.

Harry fashioned a flax comb for this gathering and the end result is fabulous! A heart was added to the top so this comb would have an unique and decorative characteristic. I incorporated different shades of mustard paint to achieve a time worn look. The comb has also been antiqued but Harry won’t confide in me as far as how he did it! No dinner for him. LOL! What I can tell you is the hand crafted results in this flax comb are wonderful and are even better in person!

I found some preserved flax and added this to the comb using the hole located at the top to tie this bundle in place using mustard homespun. Preserved flowers should always be a top consideration as they last longer, are pliable (don’t break when they become dry) and will keep their color longer. They are a little more expensive but it is definitely worth it.

A cotton towel was used as a backdrop done in homespun mustard fabric that has been aged for a primitive look as shown in images 11, 12 & 14. This towel has a convenient tab located at the top for hanging. The true color of the homespun can be seen in image 10 with the brick wall in the background as well as the above referenced images.

I can also envision this gathering hung on the door in your kitchen or what about hanging this in your bathroom as well? Either way, I am sure you will enjoy this interesting offering that will make for a showy display anywhere of your choosing! Enjoy!

Flax comb measures 8 ½” tall, almost 3” across and is ¼” thick. Preserved flax is 12” tall by 5” across (right to left). Homespun Towel is 21” tall (including tab), 18” without the tab and measures 18 ½” across (right to left).

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