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Primitive Gourd Door Hanging String Bean Garland Tree Branch Birds Nest Unique


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Whether by night see image 1, or by early dawn see image 2 this unusual gourd hanger will be the hit of the day! This versatile creation would be perfect to use either on a front door to welcome all who enters or inside as well. Offered as one of a kind this very special artistic creation is sure to please!

I really enjoy working with gourds as the colors and shapes are all so different! When my boxes arrive it is almost like I am putting pieces of a puzzle together using specific gourds chosen for the size of my project. It can be quite challenging but it always seems to work out in the end. Designing is one thing as far as laying out the gourds on a large table until everything looks right but the next daunting step entails the engineering aspect of how all of these pieces will stay together while keeping the design intact!

Each gourd was drilled and wire wrapped onto a bottle bush tree branch that was dried in the California sun. They were positioned strategically to confirm the balance and proportion to the larger gourd that hangs on the right. I added a string bean garland comprised of pearl onions, wee turnips and radishes that hangs in a vertical position directly in the front. This adds color, interest and texture to the gourd creation while lending a primitive "Root Cellar" feel.

The color in these Texas gourds are absolutely fabulous boasting warm mustard hues along with circular striations of nutmeg browns and tans as shown in the larger gourd. The smaller gourds have an interesting mottled color consisting of mustard's and tans with unusual markings that are a trademark of each unique gourd. The soft colors will brighten up any room while the wispy branch offers plenty of rustic and natural charm to this design.

I added a wire hanger on the back and the front has another small piece of wire I fashioned into the shape of a heart. A birds nest is also included with this offering in "keeping to tradition" with the outdoor rustic theme. This was hand ~ fashioned from excelsior with cheesecloth. Wee twigs were added as well as tiny eggs. The nest is not glued on and can be placed in the front of the large gourd or on the the branches will hold it in place.

This gourd hanging would also look splendid in front of a tall chimney cupboard or hung off to the side of a step-back. You will receive a total of seven gourds and I will pack this item very well as I do all of my items. Now all you have to do is think about where to place it in your lovely homestead!! Enjoy!

Please Note: I just wanted to let you know that the shipping and the special box charge for this item costs $44.00! Yikes! In all actuality I am only charging $21.50 for this gourd creation so the Post Office is making more money than I am! I just don't feel comfortable charging any more for this offering considering the freight and box charges were expensive. The Post Office has increased their rates as of last month and I am still trying to adjust to this.....and I am sure I am not the ONLY one! I will definitely keep the size in mind the next time I create primitive gourd hangings. Thanks!

The Gourd Hanging measures 23 1/2" Tall, 11 3/4" @ the widest point top gourd to end of front branch, 13" top branch on left to the end of the larger gourd handle, 12" deep and this measurement includes the protruding branch in the front. These measurements are approximate give or take an inch.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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