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Primitive Gourd Orange and Okra Garland for Your Pantry Unique


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I absolutely love the Autumn season and always have bittersweet and pumpkin colors mixed in with antiques that I decorate with all year long. These colors are just so warm and remind me of my favorite season that I truly look forward to. With this in mind, I am presenting this next offering that captures the colors of Fall but can easily be worked into any country decorating theme throughout the year.

I chose oranges as the focal point because when dried, they lend a beautiful deep bittersweet color that incorporates nicely in any country primitive home. Of course they are a little tricky when you scrape out the inside and I went a little too far on a couple of them. To remedy the small slit that shows through on the outside I decided to do a "Make ~ Do" repair using thread that forms an "X" before drying. A happy accident and I think it really lends character to the pair of oranges.

Okra was also incorporated as the color is a soft sage green accented by white zebra stripes running down the length. Gum balls from a sweet gum tree were chosen for the prickly texture and rich chocolate brown color that brings special importance to the mix. I just had to add a gourd that takes center stage in the middle lending an array of nutmegs, chocolate browns & light tans that bring a mix of earthy tone colors to the outer shell. A couple rose hips were placed just before the oranges on both ends and boast a nice burgundy wine color.

I left plenty of room on both ends so this garland can be tied in a bow and attached to either a shaker peg, on the front of a cupboard or would also look nice hanging from a shelf. This garland will enhance any nook or cranny you have in your lovely homestead with interesting results that feature a warm and unique look! Enjoy!

The garland measures 23" across (from the end of each orange), the thread measures an extra 5" on each side. The oranges measure 3" across (horizontal) and about 3" up & down (vertical). The dried okra pods vary in size from 7" to 6 1/2" Long & about 3/4" across the widest point at the top. The gourd is 3 3/4" Tall by 2 1/4" across the widest point. Gum Ball are 1 1/4" across.

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