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Primitive Handmade Log Cabin Inside Light


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Did you know that the first log cabins were constructed by the American settlers in 1683? They actually used logs that were available to them at the time and fashioned interlocking corners by notching the ends of these logs. These cabins were strong structures that were easier to make weather tight by inserting moss or other soft material in the joints. So interesting!

The birth of this neat contemporary Log Cabin, is 1994, and is also signed by the artist. He hand ~ fashioned this cabin from old wood that has some traces of oxblood red paint which really enhances the look. Old Shingles were probably used for the roof and there are two small tin make do repairs cleverly added. The chimney is just so special boasting interesting pebbles that have an array of light & dark colors. There are two posts in the front and the porch even has some old firewood made ready for the fireplace on a cold winters day. Actually there is no fireplace inside but it was a romantic notion by the creator. The doorway and window are surrounded by dark ribbed molding that is a great accent detail.

Inside of the cabin is a little table under the window dressed with early fabric boasting squash green, nutmeg brown and a berry red stripe. Just beyond the table on the back wall is a little shelf with a blue enamelware pot on it. To the left of this is what appears to be a bed made of one piece of wood and sits directly on the floor. You could even add a little quilt and a settlers pillow too. How cute that would be?

What is so wonderful about this cabin is that it lights up inside! The light casts a soft hue inside the cabin and can clearly be seen through the doorway as well as the window. At night it is really spectacular. There is a metal clip on the back secured by a hole on the cabin wall. The clip can be pinched using the two prongs to remove it easily. The night light bulb can then be removed if it needs replacing. The good news is the white cord is a generous size about 7' 5" so you may not need an extension cord. I added a little wreath I made from dried rose hips, greens and also used a small candle to adorn the front. The wreath can be removed as it is hung on a small nail.

This Log cabin is in great condition without any problems to report. A special hand crafted piece that would look charming on a mantle for the holidays or set on a table year round too. Enjoy!

Measurements are 12" across the front, 10" to the peak of the roof & 9" deep.

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