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Primitive Lantern with Candle Socket and Hanging Board


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Are you looking to add some serious charm to your homestead that will lend an early look?........well then……. this next offering may be just what you need to achieve interesting ambiance to any wall of your choosing. Antique lanterns that possess a candle socket fashioned to the roof are not only hard to find but expensive as well. We used a contemporary tin punched lantern and added a wooden base to accommodate a candle (included) as shown in images 4 & 9. ***Please use caution if you decide to burn this candle as the base is fashioned from wood and was added for decorative purposes.

This lantern also has a place to light a candle inside just beyond the door, see image 5 and is safe to use in this manner. There is also a small tin closure as referenced in image 3. The lantern is in overall good condition (except for a couple scratches on the top ring) and the tin sports a warm brown color which is a great contrast against the wooden hanger that is located on the back.

The wooden hanger started its life as a pelt stretcher and has fabulous patina that only time can achieve. Pine was the wood of choice as there is a clear indication of a character knot on the right side, half way down.

Harry whittled a tree branch found on our farm to create a notch so the lantern can be hung securely, as referenced in images 14, 15 & 16. There is a hole located at the top so the piece can be hung on the wall first…..then the lantern can be hung off the notched end of the branch.

If you are on a budget and who isn’t…..this aesthetically pleasing, early style lighting ensemble will create old fashioned charm instantly to your home lending interest by casting soft, illuminating light through decorative punched tin panels. What a great romantic touch that will be enjoyed by all!!! Enjoy!

Overall height including pelt stretcher hanger is 24 ½” tall and the lantern hangs 7 ¼” out (away from the wall). Pelt Stretcher measures 1 ½” across the uppermost top area and graduates down to 5 ¾” across the very bottom this piece is ¼” thick. Punched Lantern stands 14” tall including top ring, measures 4 ½” across the bottom……wooden candle socket measures 2 1/8” tall by itself and measures 3 ¼” including the candle and the opening is ¾” to accommodate the candle.

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