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Primitive Old Carrier with Early Spice Drawer Tea Light Decked Out for Autumn


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When I found this interesting primitive carrier at market, that lacked a handle, I still could not pass it up. The form and interesting features were just too alluring and the ideas of how to present this just flew into my head! My only decision was which idea to use and decided to create an Autumn theme using an array of unusual pieces, including interesting antique accents and a lit tea light, to fill the divisions.

An old wooden broomstick handle was chosen for the carrier and was cut to accommodate the appropriate length. I whittled down this edge and antiqued it to closely resemble the other edge of the broomstick. In keeping to tradition, I drilled a hole through the broomstick near each end to allow a small dowel to be inserted as shown in image 24. This helps the handle stay in place so it will not go completely through the large holes provided on the sides of the carrier. The broom handle has some nice small age related cracks along with whispers of paint. The color of this handle is a great fit for the overall color of the carrier and is really a "marriage made in heaven".

This was a working carrier as "tell ~ tale" clues were left behind by the owner. Evidence of penciled in measurements located on the top edges in the center, were a reminder of the various nails that would conveniently fill these slots or divisions. See image 26. What I find interesting are the sections located in the front that have small nails that were driven in, at a random pattern. Perfect place to add the wee pumpkins! There is also a small division just to the left of this area done with a thin piece of wood on an angle and Prairie grass was used to fill in one of the sections. These areas did serve a purpose but we may never know what that purpose was.

Overall condition of this carrier is good and there is appropriate wear that coincides with age. As shown in image 25, there is a chip located on the inside handle support. Part of this carrier was fashioned from plywood therefore, a couple of the side edges show the first layer of wood missing that occurred long ago and have worn smooth through the years. A hardwood was chosen for the middle divisions and fronts.

The grain on the plywood used for the side handle supports, is fabulous as shown in image 22, boasting nice color variations in the wood that lend so much character. There are a few dark areas in the bottom of the carrier as shown in the full view, image 21, located in the front and also way in the back where the small divided section is, off to the left. Tiny nails were used on the sides and larger round head nails were used on the bottom. No musty or oily smells are present!

I was able to find a fantastic early spice drawer that I filled with dried quince and placed this in the front off to the left. I can't quite make out the name of this particular spice, as marked above the wooden recessed knob, because only traces of letters remain. It is in very good condition considering it dates from the 19th century with just a chip on the upper portion of the knob that occurred long ago. This little addition creates an interesting look while adding total character to this piece. A diminutive early tin cup holds fragrant sweet Annie and lends another old element to this creation. Dried gourds, large dried turnips, rice grass and autumn millet graces the front, compliments of Mother Nature, dressed in Fall colors.

As shown on the back of the this piece, I carried over the Fall theme sporting wheat, poppies, acorns, tiny pumpkins, an old clay pipe, anise, dark pods, Prairie Grass and a pumpkin gourd as referenced in images 15, 16, 17 & 18.

Lastly a battery operated Tea Light that rests on top of an old textile gear bobbin completes the scene by adding a soft glow of light in the evening hours. I really favor this light as the outside surface has a bumpy wax appearance boasting dark specks on a cream ground. Neat! This has an "on & off" switch located in the back and a battery is included for convenience so all you have to do is turn it on! See image 12.

This one of a kind offering will absolutely create autumn charm to your homestead whether it provides warmth to a farmhouse table with an early coverlet section placed underneath or is used to accent a side table! Either way, this is a versatile piece that I am sure will add primitive ambiance to your homestead!

You can refer to the pictures of how I arranged the carrier once you receive it or you can certainly decorate this piece by your own hand! The beauty about this is that everything is included for you to do so! Enjoy!

The carrier stands 8" Tall including the tall side handle supports, (3" Tall in the middle less the height of these supports & tapers down to 1 3/4" in the front), measures 12 3/4" across front, right to left, & is 15 1/4" deep, front to back. The long divided sections comprised of four areas including the middle measure 2 1/2" from front to back & about 12" across, right to left. The three small divisions with the nails inside are 2" across & 2 1/2" Deep. The area just to the left of the three divisions measures 5 3/4" across & 2 1/2" Deep. The handle sticks out about 1 1/4" from the side of the carrier on each side. The spice drawer stand 2 1/2" Tall, almost 4" across & is 4 1/4" Deep. The tin cup measures 4" tall including the Sweet Annie, (2" without the sweet Annie), 7 1/2" across the top and bottom. The old clay pipe measures 4" from the end of the bowl to the smoking tip & the bowl measures 1" across the middle. Tea Light stands 1 1/2" tall including the flame tip and 1 1/2" across the bottom. The old gear bobbin measures 4 1/2" tall & is 1 3/4" across the top and the bottom. One Turnip measures a generous 8 1/2" while the other Turnip measures 8".

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