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Primitive Old Long Handled Wooden Spoons with Notched Ends


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Looking for something unusual to hang on your special cupboard door? Well, look no further because these charming, graduated pair of long handled wooden spoons may just fit the bill!

Fashioned from one piece of wood, these hand ~ carved spoons sport light surface wear and may not have been used very often. They have some rough areas on the inside of the bowls and on the edges as well. I have applied some mineral oil to help bring out the beautiful grain as they were very dry. There is no oily residue left from this application and the spoons were thirsty indeed as they soaked up the oil almost immediately.

One of the bowls is deeper than the other and the two different shapes really compliment each other. There are deep notches on both ends so they will securely stay put where ever they are hung.

The large size is very impressive and they will accent any cupboard door with primitive style and charm that is so comfortably appealing. These spoons can also grace a tall staved bucket or spooner with the same great results! Just a wonderful set of treenware that you don't commonly see paired up, so to speak. They can also be used as an "attitude adjustment" for your husband if need be! LOL! Enjoy!

The longest spoon measures 20" Tall, the bowl size is 3 1/4" across & approximately 4" to the starting point of the handle. The shorter spoon is 18" Tall, the bowl size is almost 3 1/2" across & 4 1/2" to the starting point of the handle. Both are about 1/4" thick.

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