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Primitive Old Tin Jug Pie Pan Autumn flavor


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It was a cool day yesterday and even drizzled in the evening as the clouds rolled in from the ocean. Funny how the weather can be pure inspiration for my next offering that reminds me of Autumn sprinkled with cool ocean breezes and overcast skies!

I was able to find this fantastic tin jug that is in excellent condition and dates to the late 1800's! The cork on this piece is so wonderful as it sports a very primitive look with whispers of black paint. I consulted Judy, who also does the website with me to try and figure out what exactly this piece was used for. I was told this was a Dairy Jug but Judy was quick in her response to add that nobody would actually use this to store milk in which makes allot of sense because the liquid contents may become rancid.

The opening of this jug does not have any threads so a screw on lid would not have been an option. The oil cans usually have small pouring spouts which this one lacks however this jug has a horizontal handle on the back near the bottom that aided in pouring out liquids. Judy's husband thinks this piece may be homemade and could have been used on a farm to carry small amounts of oil or kerosene when needed. I did not want to remove the cork and smell it for further examination! I will let you be the judge and what ever it's use, it is as cute as hell!

The form on this jug is fabulous and so is the dark color that certainly lends a great primitive look. The wire handle is also a neat feature along with the strap handle on the back. Early solder marks are present on the back as well as on the tin side pieces that accommodate the wire handle quite nicely as shown in image 7 & 11. Consistent overall wear strongly shines through and is a result of natural age that only time can lend.

An interesting 20th century Pie Tin that could possibly be a grater was used as a base and holds the Autumn naturals splendidly. There are slots located on the bottom that form a pattern. Sharp edges in the slots are located on the underside of this tin which makes me believe this possibly could have been used for grating larger items such as vegetables. This is my best guess. I would advise using a cloth underneath this tin so it will not scratch the surface it is laid upon. There is a nice medium dark patina on this piece and it is marked, "For Household Use Only, Other Rights Reserved, Pat. Pend", as shown in image 15.

I filled the outside circumference of this tin with excelsior and added dried quince, pine cones, two highly fragrant pieces of beeswax blackened corn, another beeswax scented corn nibblet, acorns, real dried Fall leaves and three small gourds to create a primitive Autumn look that is pleasing and cheerful.

You could use this as a spectacular centerpiece for your harvest or farmhouse table with two early candlesticks on either side. This piece could also grace a side table with ease paired up with some antique books and spectacles too. These Fall items could be replaced with Christmas greens and berries for the holidays sprinkled with candy canes and a gingerbread cookie or two. Unique gathering that is ready to put out as soon as you receive it to lend instant charm and versatility to your homestead! Expect cool ocean breezes that will envelop your home with Autumn not too far behind! Enjoy!

The tin jug stands 9 3/4" Tall including the handle, ( 8" without the handle) & measures 5 1/2" across the bottom. The pie tin grater is 9" across the top, almost 7" across the bottom & is 1" Tall.

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