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Primitive Riser Cooling Rack Antique Inspired Old Wood with Authentic Sugar Cone


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This Cooling Rack or Riser looks authentically old because it was fashioned from wood used from an antique Egg Crate. The risers or side pieces that elevate this item are fashioned from old salvaged wood I found in my wonderful wood pile. All of the wood used is only the best and hand ~ picked for the character and enhancement it would lend towards creating this neat piece. The slats on the riser are securely held together with nails driven in through the top.

This cooling rack can certainly be used in your kitchen for this purpose as the slats will allow baked goods enough ventilation to cool when removed from the oven. An authentic Sugar Cone also comes with this purchase and will look right at home either placed in an old small bowl (as shown in the first Gallery Shot), or under a Shoo Fly Screen on top of the riser! I wrapped aged cheesecloth around the side of the cone bound together by string for a great primitive accent!

These cooling racks lend importance while adding early primitive character and charm to our pantries or kitchens! You can also place this in front of a standing breadboard too for a unique look and even hang some fresh herbs from the slats to dry so they can later be used in cooking. A great versatile hand ~ made piece in keeping to tradition, which is usually hard to find and offered at a reasonable price! You just can't go wrong with this purchase! Enjoy!

The riser is 12 3/4" across, by 11 3/4" & 1 1/2" High. The sugar cone stands 4 1/4" High, about 2" diameter on the bottom which is the widest point & 1" across the top.

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