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Primitive Riser with Three Old Glass Bottles and Wooden Spoon Gathering


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This simple gathering evokes farmhouse charm and would be perfect set on a kitchen countertop near a sunny window with curtains dancing in the breeze. A wooden riser, three filled bottles along with a delightful wooden spoon are all included in this offering so it can be set out and enjoyed immediately.

The riser could have had a previous life as a lid or top to a storage piece but the slat construction is puzzling. It may have been made to fit on a piece that was round as the ends of the slats are not squared off but cut at an angle. My creative side wanted me to purchase this piece as I had a vision of how I would present it.

The horizontal, wooden slats were joined together by two vertical slats that were nailed firmly in place using round nails. Some cracks and small holes are visible in the wood. There is also some minimal wood loss in this piece located on the underside, far left slat, at the top (see image 11) and also on the front, second slat towards the top, off to the left (see image 7). I believe this wood could be lathe and does have a somewhat rough surface. One of the slats has a little movement but is still steadfast! The chocolate brown patina is wonderful and this piece has a desirable primitive look.

The three old bottles contain a mix of spices and flowers. The tallest bottle has a simple arch design visible half way down, starting in the middle. It holds mustard seed and is accented with a wee gourd scoop that hangs lazily off to the left. I used a piece of calico to tie around the top and a piece of wire to hang the gourd.

The middle "Karo Syrup" bottle, marked "Douglas" is filled with allspice and is accented with broom corn, sweet Annie and a calico tie. There are air bubbles present in the glass and sprinkled randomly throughout. A faint scratch is located in the middle of this bottle but is hard to see.

The smallest bottle is filled with dried flower buds that have a creamy buttermilk color and a piece of aged string was tied at the top. These bottles are in good condition without any chips or cracks to report.

All of the stoppers were hand whittled from a tree branch and then properly aged. Each stopper was custom made to accommodate the top opening of these bottles. A handsome, old wooden spoon with a elongated bowl, was chosen for the size and the warm color it lends. The smaller spoons are usually harder to find. This neat piece of treen seems to compliment the other items in this gathering with ease. The bottom of the spoon has a couple areas that are darker in color but this just adds overall character!

This sweet gathering will make a great statement anywhere it is placed and can be enjoyed "until the cows come home"!

Riser measures 10 1/2" in the middle and graduates down to 7" (top and last piece), measuring from right to left, stands a little over 1/2" tall. The largest bottle filled with mustard see stands 9" tall, measures 3/4" across the wooden stopper and measures a little over 2 1/4" across the bottom. The gourd scoop stands 2 3/4" tall and measures about 1" across the opening. The middle size bottle that was filled with allspice stands 7 3/4" tall, measures 1/2" across the stopper and measures 2 3/4" across the bottom (right to left). The smallest bottle stands 5 1/2" tall, measures 1/2" across the stopper and measures 2" across the bottom (right to left). Wooden spoon measures 8 1/2" tall, bowl measures 1 1/2" across (right to left) and is almost 1/2" thick.

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