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Primitive Root Vegetable Farm Seed Catalogue Advertising Late 1800's Antique Inspired Mounted on Old Wood


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Spring is the season to start planting and of course you will need to either purchase seeds or have some saved for this reason. I can just envision what it would have been like in the late 1800's, living in a farmhouse and pouring over a Seed Catalog, in this case from the Peter Henderson & Company, by candlelight. The vegetables of choice included Root Crops for Farm Stock including Sugar Beets, Carrots, Ruta Bega,Turnips along with Celery Seed, Cantor Oil Beans & the like could be ordered for .25 to .60 cents per pound! "But when small Quantities are wanted, by Express or Mail we will Prepay Postage or Carriage if .08 cents a pound is added to the prices"! Those were the days! By carriage for heaven's sakes!

This piece of ephemera not only has wonderful graphics but contains interesting information as well though a little hard to read in some areas. I was able to reproduce these original Seed Catalogs and decided to mount them on old wood. The paper has been antiqued and backed onto aged burlap that I stitched by hand using old thread.

I dried some parsnips that hang to the left and help tie in the theme. Aged string was used so this piece can either be hung or can sit on a table or cupboard.

The old pine wood I chose could not be better boasting time ~ worn character galore! See images 4 darker & 5 lighter. Small cracks, little holes and uneven edges create such an intrinsic value to this antique ~ inspired creation. Perfect fit for our primitive homesteads that will lend a touch of Springtime anywhere of your choosing! Enjoy!

Overall Height is 11 1/2", almost 9" across & 1/2" thick. The string hanger adds about 1 1/4" to the overall Height.

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