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Primitive Witches Apothecary Old Bottles Mortar Pestle Mouse Halloween Fun


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This is a Must ~ Have for all primitive "good witches" that will certainly lend enchanting whimsy to any "Buttery" or cove of your home for this bewitching holiday! All of the interesting ingredients pictured on the old shelf are included with this special offering.

This old primitive wooden shelf has so much character and sports a rich dark chocolate brown color that is delightful. The form is simple but the curved sides on the bottom really lend an early look. Tiny nails were used to fashion this piece. There is some wood loss on the back as shown in image 16. I was able to color match the existing paint and it is now "as right as rain".

The shelf has a slightly rough texture and the surface wear on the sides are great! There is a little gap between the back and left side piece of wood however the other side is tight. This piece is strong and there is no play, anywhere. There are no holes provided for hanging.

I was able to find a mortar and pestle with the most wonderful grain in the wood. I did oil this piece but there is no reside. I am not quite sure of the age but am sure that the pestle is original to this set. Roving wool was used as a spooky accent and a dried wishbone hangs off to the side. The ornamental poppy, (appropriate because of the Wizard of Oz witch that used poppies to make everyone sleepy), was also added as an accent in the wool.

I was able to find some old bottles and each have labels I made. One is marked, "Thistle Saffron" and is appropriately filled with dried saffron, the second "Milkweed" and the third, "Mountain Ash", all filled with interesting herbs. A dried parsnip lazily hangs off to the side of the Thistle bottle to tie in this eerie theme. These labels were antiqued and then hand ~ stitched onto old wool. The stoppers were fashioned from a tree branch I whittled down to accommodate the opening of each specific bottle. These were antiqued as well.

Of course, all witches need a broom so I used a gnarled stick and added material from an old brush. A wee mouse made by Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives, graces the front and seems quite interested in the dried corn laid in front of him! He is a friendly mouse and is exceptionally well made! Jenn does a fabulous job! *See my links page to find her as this little guy may want a friend! :)

Lastly, I choose a small gourd bowl and filled it with excelsior. A dried pumpkin stem sits on top and looks awesome! You will also receive a piece of aged cheesecloth too that you can lay on the shelf to add spooky charm to this unusual apothecary gathering. It is tied near the end with homespun wool.

This mysterious gathering is one of a kind and will bring good luck with it! Would look great with other Mortars & Pestles sprinkled about along with a cauldron or two. Note: I will be listing some small cast iron cauldrons in the next few weeks! Happy Halloween & Enjoy!

The shelf measures 14" across, stands 6" tall total height, (3" Tall from the shelf to the back). These graduated bottles vary in size from the largest ~ @ 5 1/2" Tall including the stopper, Medium ~ 4 3/4" Tall including the stopper & Smallest ~ 4" Tall. The mortar stands 3 1/2" Tall, 2 3/4" across the top opening & 2 1/4" across the footed base. The handmade witches broom stands 5 1/2" Tall by almost an inch @ the widest brush point. Small Gourd Bowl is 1 1/2" tall & has a 2 1/4" opening. Aged cheesecloth measures 12 1/2" by almost 4" Wide.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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