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Primitive Wooden Hanging Bowl from Balance Scale with Gourd Spoon


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This lonely wooden bowl that originally was used to hang from a balance scale is missing it’s mate but has hope of finding a lovely home where he can take up permanent residence! I am sure he won’t have any trouble!!

In the meantime a primitive gourd spoon is keeping him company by resting in the bowl and will be included in this gathering. This hand carved bowl is in very good condition without any cracks or chips to report. The deep, rich surface that resembles crushed walnut shells is very pleasing and delicious! A jute hanger is a perfect compliment to the bowl as it appropriately adds rustic charm and character. I added some dried corn kernels that are included with this purchase.

I happened to have a small gourd spoon that nests in the bowl with ease by creating an early look that one would find in a cabin or tavern room. This unique offering could be hung from a provision meat hook with multiple ends, as pictured or even a shaker peg rack would make do in a pinch! You can also fill the bowl with various drieds for each holiday season too! This piece would grace a bathroom in style filled with Lye Soap hanging from the ceiling just below the vanity for convenience sake. To approved home only! LOL! Enjoy!

Bowl with hanger stands 15 1/5” tall, bowl itself is 2” tall, measures 5 ¾” across the top (right to left) and bottom as well. Gourd spoon stands 5” tall, measures 2 ¼” across the opening (right to left) and is 1 ¾” deep.

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