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Pull Toy Horse Cart Gifts Bottle Brush Trees Fabulous


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Ta Da!!! Our next offering is sure to make your holidays festive and bright as this beautiful Black steed seemingly pulls a wagon filled with gifts and vintage bottle brush trees to be delivered on Christmas Eve! He is a handsome and spirited horse that has been though some rough times but don’t worry we gave him a new mane and tail!

”Black Beauty” though lacking the blaze feature sports a burlap style coat. I used special roving wool that exhibits caramel tipped highlights to create a mane and tail that he really adores. Image 8 reflects a small elevated gap belonging to the back right hoof as it does not completely touch the pull toy base. Rest assured he still stands well on his own and sports the classic “stick leg” construction found in most German animals.

His left front hoof is smaller than the other hoofs as shown in image 9 and there is also some fabric loss as noted on the left hand side near his tail as shown in image 14. Black Beauty’s left ear is barely visible but the right one is more intact. He still shows very well and is in good overall condition as he is solid, heavy and well made. Harry fashioned a pull toy base for Beauty so the wheels are moveable.

The wooden cart fashioned from old cigar boxes (whispers of a green label are present on the inside back panel) boasts a simplistic primitive form and possesses the original surface. There are black letters on the back (not completely legible) as well as number 100 on the right hand side. The wooden wheels are fully pegged into the tiny protruding dowels for a secure fit. One of the wheels does have an age related crack as shown in image 30 but is limited to one side only. There is hole located in the front where a piece of red yarn now resides and dangles freely.

The back of the cart has age related wear consisting of possible contact with water as shown on the right hand side corner that works its way to the bottom. There are also some losses to the finish that appear at random on each side of the cart as shown. There are no cracks to report. However a tiny chip is present on the bottom middle edge on the right panel. The inside boasts a dark surface that resembles a dry attic finish.

The cart is filled with excelsior to raise the height of the items placed inside and is included. A trio of vintage bottle brush trees grace the inside of the cart adding frosty outdoor ambiance to the scene. They are in good condition and all support red bases. An array of gifts are wrapped in various fabrics that have been accented with festive bows and yuletide greens that invoke playful fun.

This unique and one of a kind gathering promises to bring all the joy and merriment of the holidays into your lovely homestead! It would make a delightful centerpiece on any sideboard laden with holiday delicacies such as sugared fruit, traditional cookies, evergreen trees and for a twist add old ornaments to a large glass jar! Enjoy!

Horse stands 7” @ the tallest point (head), measures 4 ½” tall (rear), measures 7 ¾” from his nose to end of tail and measures 1 ½” across his rear. Cart stands 5” tall including the wheels, measures 8” across (right to left) and measures 4 ¾” deep (front to back). Trees vary in size…largest stands 6 ½” tall, medium stands 5” tall and smallest is 4 ¾” high. Gifts vary in size…largest measures 3 ¼” by 1 ¾”.

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