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Putz Ram Brown Coat Rare


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Christmas decorating always seems to call for incorporating popular Putz sheep, goats or rams in our cheerful displays! The rams and goats are harder to find and when you do my advice is to snatch them up before someone else does! This next offering is for a lovely ram sporting a brown coat with a lipstick mouth. His horns are intact and he is ready for immediate adoption.

He is of the smaller variety if space is at a premium. There is a tiny chip on the tip of his left ear and he has also experienced some paint loss to the edge of his front right hoof as shown. I don’t believe he ever had a tail. His legs are sturdy and the overall condition is very good.

The color of his coat invokes a warm rust hue and his paper blue / grey collar is still intact. The surface on the horns is right as rain with some oxidation as to be expected. The left horn shows more of a gold hue while the right displays a pewter hue.

This little ram will certainly make a grand statement joined with your herd and can’t wait to make your acquaintance!

Ram stands 2 ¼” tall (to the top of his horns), measures 1 ½” tall (rear area), measures 1 ¾” from the tip of his nose to the end of rear and measures ½” across his rear.

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