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Putz Sheep in Old Spice Caddy Neat Christmas Gathering


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I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone can get tired of decorating with Putz Sheep especially for the holidays. They come is so many different sizes and each has a distinct personality all their own! This next gathering is already decorated so you can just set it out and enjoy it immediately!

I had an old spice caddy that was missing the tins….. sporting japanned finish and decided to create a unique holiday gathering using Putz Sheep, greens, dried berries, a couple of aged chenille candy canes and a vintage bottle brush tree with a red base. In order to gain height I added an old thread spool that the tree stands on. The trees branches on one side tend to be in an upright position and do not stick out straight as referenced in the images.

The sheep possess classic lipstick mouths, stick legs and original collars, one in a sage green and the other in red. The green color is marked, “Germany”, though faded. The legs on both sheep are sturdy and do not wiggle. The sheep with the red collar does have a tiny chip on his left front hoof but still is able to stand. One of his ears is no longer present (on the left hand side) and the other ear does have a chip out of it. The second sheep with the green collar also has a chip out of the left ear but the right one is just fine. Their wooly coats and tails are in good condition.

The spice caddy has appropriate wear especially on the bottom as pictured. There is a black stripe painted all the way around the front, near the top edge only. The back of this tin has two raised triangles on the far left that expands a quarter of the way to the left side. The handle has a very slight crease but is not very noticeable. The edges are intact and there are no holes or dents to report. The inside of this caddy does have minimal surface rust.

This unusual holiday gathering can be placed in a cupboard or in a window sill with a charming light nearby! The sheep are thrilled with their new home that lends a forest atmosphere and await Christmas Eve at midnight as legend has it, all animals will be able to speak! Enjoy!

Overall height including the handle is 3 ¾” tall, tin measures 5 ½” across (right to left) and is 3 ½” deep. Sheep with the green collar stands 2 ¼” tall (head to feet), measures 2” long (nose to tail) and is a little over ½” thick (backside area). Sheep with red collar stands a little under 2 ¼” tall (head to feet), measures 2” long (nose to tail) and is ½” thick (backside area). Bottle brush tree and wooden thread spool stand 4 ¾” tall, tree alone stands 3 ½” and thread spool stands 1 ¼” tall. Tree measures 2” across @ the widest point (bottom).

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