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Putz sheep Large Size with Santa Pull Toy Sweet


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To be quite honest, I was very hesitant to list this next offering because it is so darn cute and I wanted to keep it for myself but.....I have to be good because otherwise Santa will not come visit me on Christmas Eve! I don't even think the, "Santa I can explain", story would even help so here you go!

This wonderful Putz sheep is a large size which is usually harder to find. I found a little Santa that is just the right size to ride this sheep on Christmas Eve and am also including a hand ~ fashioned wooden pull toy with this gathering too! Trust me, your open cupboard will never be the same once this Sheep and Santa Pull Toy take up residence there, maybe even permanently!

The sheep has a sweet face and his long nose is a unique characteristic transformed by the maker adding great personality along with charm. His eyes are a deep blue and mimic the color of German eyes as this is where he was originally created. He is suppose to have two "fly away ears", however his left ear "went missing" a long time ago. Don't worry his hearing is still acute and he can be forgiven!

The long tail is another trait that is interesting because in Europe they do not dock the tails of sheep as we do here. His legs are sturdy and he sits very well on his own thank you very much! There is some wear on each leg with minimal paint loss.

He sports a red collar and also has a red folded over ribbon secured by a tiny pin just above his tail. From what I have seen, the larger versions of these Putz sheep do have a red ribbon attached to this rear area. Interesting and darling at the same time! His body is in good condition and his coat color is consistent without any stains or dark marks to report. He is just a happy little guy that enjoys rides with his friend Santa, especially on Christmas Eve!

Mr. Santa has a spectacular molded face sporting blue eyes and rosy red cheeks. His legs and arms were fashioned from a pipe cleaner; arms are white and the legs are black. His little red suit feels like brushed cotton and the raised trim done in a nice buttermilk color is truly an interesting accent. Santa is holding a tree and his beard is semi ~ fluffy and soft. He can also be positioned at will. So adorably cute!

I felt that both pieces needed an extra special pull toy to be displayed on so I created one to look as authentically old as possible. A hole was drilled near the end so I could pull though a piece of aged string. A red wooden bead that was used as the "pull" really enhances the over all look of the pull toy base. Wha ~ La! A special piece for a special pair!

"Fly away, fly away home" comes to mind when this wonderful gathering reaches it's new destination bringing Christmas magic with it sprinkled with a touch of whimsy and delightful enchantment! Enjoy!

Putz Sheep stands 4 1/4" Tall including the head measurement, 3" Tall from the rear to the hind legs, 4" across including the nose measurement to the tail, & body is 3 1/2" long. Santa measures 4" Tall including the tip of his hat, 2" across his folded arms & is 1/2" deep. Pull Toy is a little over 3 3/4" long, almost 2" deep & 1/2" Tall.

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