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Putz Sheep with Primitive Toy Cart in Bittersweet Paint Autumn


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I apologize but I could not wait until Christmas to start displaying my Putz Sheep so I thought I would work them into an Autumn theme! This was my inspiration for the next wonderful offering that may even start a trend and if not just don't tell the Putz sheep and they will never know!

A wooden cart boasting warm bittersweet paint was certainly a favorite of a child as the surface wear is in all the right places. I believe this is a handmade piece and what a great job done by the maker. The wheels are made of rubber and the size is just perfect, not too big and not too small. I filled this cart with two scented beeswax pumpkins. The first in a midnight black with the long stem poking through the center and the other pumpkin sports a rich buttermilk color. A scented beeswax corn cob in the husk graces the left hand side while cinnamon sticks and dark pods add texture and interest. Acorns, a dried orange and broom corn were also added to the mix while sweet Annie was used as a fluffy filler.

The tongue on the hitch located in the front has broken off and this occurred long ago as the dark wood on the end supports this theory. As referenced in image 21 the bottom was made with two pieces of wood and is not a crack because the side of the smaller piece of wood is painted. Appropriate nail bleed is consistent throughout and various sized round nails were used to construct this little gem.

There is a small fracture on the bottom just to the left of the wheel base. It is raised a smidgen but is limited to this area only and does not come through to the inside of the cart. Overall condition is very good and this favored toy has an overall charming quality!

I acquired an uncommon Putz Sheep, due to the larger size and these are usually harder to find. She looks great positioned in front of the cart and both items are well balanced in relation to one another. This sheep even has her little bell that she proudly wears around her neck held together with green ribbon. The ribbon is very thin near the bell but I added a dab of glue to remedy this problem. The ribbon was also split near the back of her head and glue was again added to make it "as right as rain".

Have you looked at her darling face in images 6, 7 & 11 that shows a slender and elongated nose which translates to personality plus! Her soft blue eyes mimic the German eyes of the maker even though she is not marked. Traces of a red mouth are just another detail conjured up by the maker. Sweet!

She does have a chip on the right side of her ear located at the very tip. The left side of her ear also has a couple teeny tiny chips as well. The good news is her match stick legs are all accounted for and not broken. She stands very sturdy and does not wobble either.

In image 12, it looks like she has two small pieces of thread underneath, near her hind quarters. I did not realize this before I did the shoot and found they were pieces of loose thread that I have already removed. She sports a nice wooly coat that is intact with even color throughout and no stains are present. Overall this Putz sheep is in very good condition and promises to fill your homestead with a warm smile and cozy charm!

She also comes with the hand ~ made pull toy style base that she stands on. We custom made this piece using old materials specifically for this sheep and it really adds a neat primitive look!

This gathering would be awesome set on an open cupboard shelf or a side table. You may even consider using this as part of a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table as well with a runner or table mat underneath! For the Christmas holiday, you can fill the cart with greens and berries that will bring holiday cheer to your wonderful homestead!

This Putz sheep would be a fabulous addition to your collection and promises to offer holiday magic stemming from a cottage industry, her birth place in Nuremberg, Germany. Enjoy!

The cart measures 9" Long including the hitch, (7 1/4" without the hitch measurement), 5" across & 2" Tall @ the shortest distance while graduating to 3" @ the tallest point. The sheep stands 4 1/2" Tall from the top of her head to her feet, a little over 3 1/4" from her hind end to her feet, 4" from the end of her nose to the tail, (body alone measures 3" from the front to the back. The pull toy style base is almost 3 3/4" @ the longest point, almost 2" Deep & stands almost 3/4" High.

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