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Rabbit Candy Container Composition with Pewter Plate Gathering


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This unique rabbit candy container may be of the smaller variety but is certainly big on presence. Mr. Rabbit is very happy sitting on a pewter plate laden with Prairie grass and brightly colored candy which is also included.

Even though this rabbit is not marked my instincts tell me he may be of German descent. This smaller size is harder to find compared to the larger versions. I am not certain how old this piece is but considering the wear and style my best guess is from the 1930’s to 1940’s. Mr. Rabbit has a classic air brushing style applied in black to the edge of his ears as well as his tail. I detect a hint of light flocking over his composition body.

His front legs and paws are intact and seem to beckon a sweet gestured posture. His eyes are not made of glass and I am unfamiliar with the material used but may have been painted due to the wear on the right eye as referenced in image 22. Mr. Rabbits body has areas of tan that seem to be mixed in with a sorrel hue which adds dimension and interest to the overall look. His facial features include a raised nose and plump little cheeks. Notice the detail around his mouth and the off white color that dictates importance to this area as shown in images 21 & 22.


His head is attached to rolled cardboard that inserts into the body as referenced in images 20 & 29 and can be removed at will. There are some areas of wear on the body surface along with discoloration just below his leg (images 17 & 18), a small area on his back and near his front right shoulder area. The underside reflects some places of lost composition just above the right paw and on his stomach (images 16 & 18). His head does not completely conform (line up) to his body but feel he just turned out this way when he was made. Overall this little guy is in good condition and displays quite well.

This vintage footed pewter plate, age unknown, may also have German origin. The hallmark on the back shows an eagle with the letters “AF” placed just below. The scalloped edge and double banding that cascades into a vertical line by the way of a soft “V” in six separate areas reflects nice design elements. This small plate is heavy and the dull grey color is most desirable. The footed area on the back does show appropriate surface wear from being moved across a table and there is also a couple of scratches near the top as shown.

There are so many possibilities as to where this gathering can be placed! What about adding him to a shelf located inside a small cupboard with some Easter eggs or primitive chicks nearby. He would also look terrific set on a kitchen window sill so he can keep you company while you do the dishes. I am sure you will find a perfect spot in your home where Mr. Rabbit can reside….happy and thankful! Enjoy!

Rabbit stands 4 ¼” tall to the top of his ears and measures 1 ½” across the bottom. Pewter plate measures 4 ¼” across the top and the raised foot measures almost 3” across the bottom.

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