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Rabbit Ironstone Platter Cookie Cutters Primitive Easter Gathering


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This next offering is sure to be a delight for springtime fun and Easter holiday cheer! It has all the primitive ingredients we love sprinkled with charm and whimsy too! You will receive the contents in the ironstone platter so you can set it out immediately and enjoy!

My inspiration started with this darling, contemporary rabbit that resembles chalk ware. He has been aged to perfection and has great form! I accented her facial features with a brush stroke of whimsy and the result is personality plus! Cheesecloth and a piece of homespun graces her neck while a wee basket filled with two eggs lazily hangs just below. She is surrounded by interesting items chosen that lend color, texture and style. Miss Rabbit does have a couple tiny white spots on the left hand side located on her tail but overall she is great condition! Good girl!

The ironstone serving platter is her home and holds the contents of the other items that create this theme. The platter sporting gentle scalloped edges is in overall good condition lending age related spots shown randomly throughout on the front and the back as referenced in images 31 through 37. There are no chips or cracks to report. A tiny recessed line also appears a couple inches below the scalloped edge as shown in image 35. This vintage platter is not marked and lends a simple presence yet perfect for decorating. Minor scratches are also apparent on the surface.

Two rabbit cookie cutters lend a bit of fun to this scene and while the one is in a laying position, the other is running and having the time of his life! He is a very unusual flatback cutter possessing dark rich patina sporting a strap handle (possibly a resolder) and dates to the later part of the 19th century. The other cutter is considered vintage but has a desirable dark appearance. The tin edges have been evenly folded over and the form is darling.

A variety of pods seem to nestle quite nicely in the prairie grass. The darker pod is filled with an interpretation of eggs while the largest is specked against a white ground. To complete this spring botanical theme, dark pine cones and a gourd were added for interest. Lastly, an old wooden spoon lending a white surface from coming into contact with dairy products graces the front of the platter. Did you notice the interesting finial located at the top as shown in image 27? Cute! There is some wood loss at the bottom of the bowl as this piece of treen was constantly being used to aid in preparing delicious meals for the family!

Gatherings I put together such as this one have so many options if you decide to use the items included separately so they can be added to other existing displays in your home. The platter would look amazing during the holidays sprinkled with fresh greens, berries and pine cones! A votive candle can be the focal point placed in the middle and what a great centerpiece this would make flanked with old cookie cutters or even decorative butter prints! You will get a lot of mileage from this offering that will delight your homestead for the Easter holiday and beyond! Enjoy!

Rabbit stands 9” tall, measures 1” across his face, measures 3” (feet to back area where tail is) and measures 2 ¼” across (right to left). Basket stands 1 ½” tall and measures 1” across. Ironstone platter measures 11 ½” across (right to left), measures 8 ¼” (front to back) and stands 1 ¼” tall. Open rabbit cookie cutter measures 4” across @ the longest point nose to tail, measures 3” tall @ the tallest point (ears) and is ¾” thick. Running rabbit cookie cutter measures 2 ¾” across (right to left) feet area, measures 1 ¼” tall and is 1 ½” thick (including the strap handle). Pods vary in size, largest stands 4” tall. Cones are about 1” tall and gourd stands 2” tall. Spoon stands almost 9 ¾” tall, bowl measures 2 ½” tall and 1 ¼” across (right to left).

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