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Rare Antique Primitive Carrier with Potted Posies


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This carrier is very hard to find (almost scarcer than hen’s teeth) and I have only seen a couple surface within my 30 years of collecting! Oops does that date me? I have had this carrier for over twenty years and originally purchased it in New Hampshire at an antique store. The pair of potted silk flowers are also included with this offering which creates a festive and colorful look and the good news is you don’t even have to water them!

The surface on this piece is amazing boasting a delicious and warm nutmeg brown color that only time can lend. This carrier looks like an old tightly joined, dovetailed box but has a thick bentwood handle that terminates on both sides. The dovetailing feature is present on all four corners while two screws (that do not show through on the back), secure the handle in place to the box. There is a small hole on the left side of the handle but stops as shown in image 7.

Beautiful pine “character knots” are visible on the front and the back. There is an area on the right hand side which is a little lighter in color than the rest of the patina as shown in image 5. Some “wood crazing” can also be found on the inside portion of the bottom as shown in image 8. The underside is more of a dry attic surface with appropriate nail bleed located on the edges. Tiny nails were used to secure this piece of wood in place. There are also “character indentations” in the wood sprinkled throughout as referenced in the images. This carrier is sturdy, strong and well built!

I used seedling starter pots and created labels for the flowers that were hand stitched onto old burlap. These flowers look so real in person!!! An “Ox Eye Daisy” label was used for the crisp white daisies and each petal was gently tipped with earth tone colors for an unusual accent. I purposely left some of the daisies plain as nature is not perfect, thank goodness! A “Wash House Aster” label was created for the red posies that are dotted with a warm yellow center. The stitching was crudely done, on purpose, to lend a relaxed, naïve and unpretentious look.

This carrier would also look wonderful in the pantry filled with small “racked” bowls or could be filled with favorite spices that can be easily accessible for cooking when placed on the counter. I can also envision this piece in a bathroom filled with rolled up hand towels or homespun with chunks of Lye Soap inside. You can set out the potted posies in a window to bring gaiety into any room as well. This simple gathering will add country flavor to your home because it is a functional and versatile piece! Enjoy!

The carrier stands 10 ¾” tall including the handle, box itself stands a little over 3” tall, measures 14” across (right to left), is 6” deep and the wood is almost ¼” thick. Potted Posies stand about 9” tall (a little taller for the daisies about 10” tall), measure about 5” across the widest point (flowers) and the bottom measures 2 ¼” across.

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