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Rare Black Putz Sheep Minty and German Fence


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When I hit the jackpot that means you do too and I am so proud to present this rare Putz German sheep sporting a black coat and expressive face that is looking for an adoring home! If that is not enough to get you excited…..he also comes with a German fence platform and two trees. Both of these dynamic pieces look perfect together and create an appropriate and authentic Putz setting for the holidays and beyond.

Most of the Putz animals that sport a different color coat other than white are rams which have the delicate metal horns on top of their heads. It is a bit confusing as some of these rams have lost their horns and therefore are considered sheep. An easy way to tell is to look for the holes that would have accommodated these horns on top of the head and if they do have holes then the horns are missing. This is the first authentic sheep I have come across that never had the horn feature! Amazing!

The other good news is this sheep is in excellent “minty” condition as the ears are not chipped and the stick legs are intact as well. He sports a soft mellow green collar that is unmarked but then again many sheep collars did not have the word “Germany” printed on them. He is extremely happy with his surrounds and feels right at home amongst the trees protected by a three sided twig fence.

The fence platform is marked “Germany” on the bottom but the letters are hard to make out. This piece is in very good condition as well without any missing pieces, cracks or chips. The twigs are held together with tiny nails that appear on the top and also on the bottom of the base. A loofah type tree that is a typical elemental design feature by the Germans proudly stands on the base and boasts a pale emerald green color.

I added a second bottle brush tree sporting a traditional crimson red flower pot vase. It appears this vase may have previously been glued to something as there are remnants present but do not affect how this piece stands as shown in image 22. There is also a whisper of mica limited to one side of the vase.

This unique and rare gathering is “oh so special” and will certainly add whimsy and joy to your home and your coveted flock! Enjoy!

German fence platform overall height including tree is 5” tall, measures almost 2” tall without the tree, measures 5 ¾” across the front (right to left), measures 3” deep (front to back). Sheep stands 2 ¾” tall (front area head to feet), measures 2 ½” from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, measures ¾” across his back area. Bottle brush tree stands 3” tall, measures 1 ¼” @ the widest point across the bottom of the tree and the base measures ½”.

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