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Riser Primitive Shaker Peg Rack Soap Holder Wash Day Gathering


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Inspiration can come from anywhere using any old objects that always seem to have potential! In this case inspiration came from an old "Red Diamond Gelatin" crate lid sporting red letters with a dry attic finish! This piece is "one of a kind" and is ready to display once you receive it as all the primitive accoutrements shown will accompany this unusual item.

The crate lid acts as a riser and old clothespins were used for the legs. They are not glued in place for shipping purposes however, they do stay put and can easily be removed if you choose to do so. An open back was added and the top piece was turned into a shaker peg rack so the homespun towels would grace the three pegs with ease.

The top of this piece mimics a mortise effect as the wood is joined together without any nails as shown in image 9. I color matched the paint on the back and carried it though to the front piece of wood where the pegs are located. An old tree branch was whittled by hand to make up each of the three pegs and then painted a soft nutmeg color as referenced in image 10.

The dowel located near the bottom of the open back was secured by drilling a hole on each side piece of wood. See image 6 & 7. You can certainly utilize this dowel by adding a small spray of Sweet Annie or anything else your heart desires!

The bottom, as shown in image 14 has a small hole and also has a nail coming though. There were two holes on either end that needed to be filled so I mixed a special blend of my primitive filler that looks like it was done ages ago. You can even see the cracks in this filler as shown in image 15. Also referenced in this image is a make ~ do repair to keep the wood joined together using a zig zag piece of small gauge wire. This repair was done long ago as the wood surrounding this wire has correctly darkened through time. The wood is secure and very stable.

I used some homespun fabric and custom made some small towels so these could be hung from the shaker pegs. There are two little make ~ do patches on two of the towels and the other towel has the word, "Wash Day" hand ~ stitched on an old piece of wool. I also added a small make ~ do broom fashioned out of old horsehair bristles, from a brush and then wire wrapped this in two places to secure it to the twig.

Lastly, I incorporated an old metal soap dish or holder with the best patina that comes with two old Lye Soap chunks. The coiled wire handles on this soap dish really add character and this particular piece is hard to find. One of the handles as shown in image 21 is a little crooked compared to the other handle but still displays very well.

I found a neat image portraying an old woman tending her Lye Soap with a playful cat keeping her company nearby. This was reproduced on paper and is hand ~ stitched to an old piece of wool. It can be tied to the soap holder.

This one of a kind gathering would be a perfect fit for your Laundry Room, Necessity Room or anywhere of your choosing. It is small enough not to over power a room, yet does make a wonderful statement for anyone who has a passion for unique primitive pieces! Enjoy!

The Primitive Riser with the Shaker Pegs stands 10 1/2" Tall, 13" Across & 7" Deep. The Height of the Shaker Peg Rack is 8". The homespun and wool towels are 5 1/2" by 6". The darling make ~ do broom is 9" Tall and the bushy part of the brush measures 2" Across. The Old Soap Dish stands 2 1/2" Tall, 5" Long & 3 1/4" Deep. The largest Lye Soap chunk is 1 1/4" Tall, 2 1/2" Long & 1 3/4" Deep. The smallest Olde Lye Soap Chunk stands 1 1/4" Tall, 2" Long & 1 1/2" Deep.

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